No, It Is Not Still Snowing – hahaha!


Oh my word! That’s all I could think of to name this post. Hahahahahaha!

Today I am pulling out an art journaling post from several years ago. Most of you are new readers since then – that was on an old blog. This should be new to you 🙂 . I was in an art journaling group for CZTs – Certified Zentangle Teachers. We were trying to learn new ways to use our tangling skills and art journaling just really sang to me. I think this was the very first time I made that kind of art.

Our prompt for the week was to fold a snowflake. You know, like we did when we were kids and Mrs. Lee taught us in first grade how to fold them. And we were to trace our initials on the folded snowflake being mindful of the folds. Basically so when we cut the shapes into the snowflake, it didn’t all fall apart when we opened it back up. The fold is super important. My initials are A, D and H. I call the above photo my spaceship taking a bath photo. Hahahaha!

Then you just cut out the snowflake following your initial lines and open it out. My initials are mostly straight leggers – doesn’t lend to much roundness in the snowflake but I’m ok with that.

Then I started prepping my pages. I was working in a journal and didn’t want the blues to spread to other pages, so I placed a scrap sheet of computer paper under each side. Being a bit of a rebel – I actually used brand new sheets of computer paper. Hahaha! For color I used Prima’s Color Bloom Spray Mists in two colors. I forgot I have these! They didn’t move very well so I spritzed them with water – of course. I am so impatient when it comes to artting. I want it all to work right now. Then I sprayed a darker blue onto some bubble wrap, placed it face down into the lighter shades of blue and smooshed it down.

I wasn’t as good at taking photos back then. While the colors were still wet I sprinkled bits of sea salt across both pages into the wet areas and let the whole thing sit to dry. Once they were completely dry, I used an old Disney room hotel key card and scraped it gently across the top of the pages to remove the salt residue. To make sure you have as much of the salt off your pages as possible, just rub your finger over the surface to see where you need to work a little more.

So I was really bad at taking photos back then. Hahahahaha! I have a date stamp left over from old scrapbook days that has both letters and numbers on it. Everything old becomes new! Yep! I used that stamp to make the wording. And apparently got one too many ‘B’ letters on that first page. Then I used the paper snowflake and traced parts of it onto the adjoining pages. I colored the flakes with Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils. I love those pencils. They were the first big expense I made into my art foray. Get the best product you can afford. You are worth it! I added some tangles and a sweet little crocheted snowflake my mom made for me back around 1980. Almost 40 years ago now. I had just built an old farmhouse style dollhouse and mom made me some rugs for the floors. I had this one in the living room. Mom is gone now but I have a piece of her in this journal for always. I stuck it down with some glue dots.

My pages needed something more to tie them together. I took the two Derwent pencils I used on the snowflakes and used a fan brush and some water to flick/splatter specks of juicy color across both surfaces. Still it needed some little pop. And I still had that extra letter B to contend with. I had recently purchased some little jewels on sale at Walmart and they were a great way to save that letter B. Hahahaha! Covered that sucker right up! To balance it out I added one to the right hand side by the word don’t even though I didn’t mess that up originally. Hahahaha! And I added some blue ones to the snowflakes and called it done! √

Art journaling has since become one of my favorite things to do. My pages have evolved and grown and I lean more towards collaging elements into the pages now as well. Even though my attempts with this particular spread were meager, I hope you were able to learn something new. Or even just brought a smile to your face. <3

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10 thoughts on “No, It Is Not Still Snowing – hahaha!

  1. I can’t do the drawing, but pretty sure I could manage the crochet motif! ?❤️

    • who are you kidding? you draw very well! I’m enjoying your instagram posts each day <3 I can't do the crochet so that's a skill/talent you have that I don't. mom was never successful in teaching me. too many left thumbs I have. hahahaha

  2. Alice,

    Your rug was the first thing I noticed, thank you for the story. To have something from Mom is fantastic. It is so beautiful to have used her talent with your talent. Special moments.
    I love how you made the snowflakes. I had to look for the H but think it is with the A.
    How do you make yourself focus to work on your art every day? I need to get busy. My house is a mess so I punish myself, by not allowing myself to relax or even color. I need to get over that, being disabled and in chronic pain stinks. When I tangled all day long, I didn’t think about my pain. Times a wasting….
    I love all the details you provide. I have a book and a bunch of doodads to start a smash book, but will turn it into an art journal. Like you I have a ton of supplies I have forgotten about. You’re right, buy the best you can afford because you/we are worth it. Especially if you are passing it on to a grandchild. Truly who doesn’t live to leave a legacy…

    • time to make art – well. I am retired so I don’t work each day outside the home. there is just two of us so mess in the house is minimal. and I’m allergic to most cleaning products and dust – so every other week a super nice lady comes and tidies up. the doctor told me years ago to figure that cost into our budget and it has made such a great difference for my breathing and asthma. so my enjoyment is making art. I work hard at it for 4-5 hours each day. working on this website, in my FB group and checking mail takes about half that time. I use the rest to work on new books I want to publish and drawing or making color. honestly I’d rather make color than draw. that’s why you get to see so much of it. hahahaha!

  3. That little crocheted rug is lovely to remember your Mom by & ties in so well with the snowflake template you tangled. Love the colours & the salt crystals texture you created – very apt for the frosty look.

    • I miss my mom. glad I have little touches like this to remember her with

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