Memorial Day Break


As we remember those who gave their lives to keep us safe and protect our way of life, also be thankful for those who continue to serve. I am taking a break from making art today to enjoy a day off. Not sure what we will do, but Mark and I will do it being thankful. For both our fathers who served in a number of wars, and being thankful for their homecomings safely back to the families who loved and prayed for them. A lot of families don’t have the memories we have. Don’t have the good times, the holidays, the backyard BBQs, the soccer games, the piano recitals, the voice lessons, the football games, the driving lessons, the career pep talks, the marriage advice, the parenting advice, the encouragement, the unconditional love – you know. All the good things we have to remember our parents by. A lot of families, a lot of people, don’t have that because their loved one served and sacrificed. So take a minute today to remember. And say a word of thanks to God for what you have. We are so blessed and we don’t always remember that. Never take your life for granted. It has come at a price. Whether you live in my country or somewhere else around the world, be thankful. You are a blessed person.

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10 thoughts on “Memorial Day Break

  1. Enjoy the day together, being thankful – as you say – is such a vital part of every day & there are many who do not have what we have in terms of freedom.

    • so true, right now mark is out cutting the grass. he is thankful for a mower he can sit on because he still isn’t walking very well. you and I are so blessed, in so many ways

  2. My late father served in the Navy in WWII and my late father-in-law served in WWI and WWII and my late mother in law served in WWII in the WACS. They are buried in our local national cemetery. Yesterday the local Boy Scouts put flags on all graves. I love to go to the cemetery on any day of the year, it’s so quiet and beautiful, but on holidays it’s even more special. When I was presented the flag at my dads funeral, it was so special. Even if you don’t have a loved one buried in the cemetery you should just drive though and take in the peace and the beauty.

    • you have much to be thankful for and special memories stored up for the future. I am grateful for their service. hugs <3

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