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I had been seeing all the beautiful Kelly Creates products online and thought it was time to try them out! I ordered a set of her beautiful Aqua Brush Pens when Blitsy was running a huge sell on them. Blitsy is a great way to find art supplies at an affordable price, as long as you are willing to be patient and check their email each day.

I picked up this set of ten aqua brushes for dirt cheap during one of Blitsy’s 60% off deals.

Yesterday was the day to check them out. Hahahaha! Translate that to mean I didn’t feel like doing the real work I needed to be doing and wanted to have fun instead. I brought out nine of the YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle, my craft mat and a spray bottle of water. Oh! And my cell phone to take all these photos!

I started with three colors and scribbled them onto my craft mat, then sprayed water onto the color. Yes, you have seen me do this many times. It is one of my favorite ways to make color. But for these tiles I took it one step further. I decided to work in layers!

I started out easy and I’ll run through those quickly. I just flipped a tile over into the color, turned it back over and set it aside to dry.

I wondered – if I used enough water would I be able to create enough color for two tiles. Hmmmm.

I blasted in a plenty of water – that’s southern for a whole bunch! I placed one tile to the side and ready, and put the other tile down into the color.

Then I lifted that tile and moved it directly over the first one and smooshed it down onto the tile – expecting the second tile to have some beautiful softer version of the color on the first. Ta-da!

And nada! The first tile totally absorbed the color and very stingily only gave the second tile a ghost of a bit of color. Oh well. It was worth a try.

There was a little color left on the mat, so I swiped it up with that top left corner and added to the beautiful already on this one.

Two more other colors all primed with water . . .

. . . and here they are done. I loved this one so much I couldn’t make myself add anything else to it. But I promise – layers are coming.

I think I used just two colors for this one. I wanted the color to completely cover the tile, so I made a bigger patch of color to start with, then added the water.

Instead of just tapping the tile down into the puddles, I decided to smoosh it down flat until the colors squished out the sides and see how much color I could pick up.

And I pretty much got complete coverage. Beautiful tile with just those two colors. Where they mixed I got variations of color. My mom used to love crocheting with variegated thread. It gave her more variety in her design and I can now understand a little better why she loved that kind of thread so much.

There was still a little color on the mat, so I took another YouTangle.art Tile and scooted the color all towards one spot, then placed my tile into it.

I figured this was a great start for a layered tile. Please excuse my very dried out hands. I had been working with gelli plates before this and had scrubbed my hands about ten times trying to get all the color off.

To go to the next layer, I added a couple colors and water to my mat.

I turned the tile over into the color and had this when I flipped it back over. Ok, I was getting somewhere with the layers! Yes!

But you know how I am about color. You can pretty much never have too much. Hahahaha! So I added some more to my mat.

Flipped the tile back over into the new color and . . .

. . . got this! Yes! Absolutely beautiful! I was most happy with this tile! Three layers of colors and it turned out super! Can’t wait to draw on this one!

I was hooked on this layer idea. I took another tile and used it to wipe up the leftover color on my mat. Not rocket science, I just swiped it around and picked up what was there.

Two more beautiful colors added to my mat, and sprayed with water. A lot of water. Kelly Creates aqua brush pens.

I turned that started tile down into the color, flipped it over and ta-da!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! All my colors I love right there!

I had success twice, but could I do it again? Started out with these two colors . . .

And placed my tile into the color. I liked what I had started here but it didn’t have enough pop.

I added two colors and sprayed them – a bunch.

And picked up the color with the tile I already had started. Nice but a little boring in that bottom section.

I added some more of the yellow, hoping to perk up that lower area.

And I was able to bring in a bit more highlights to the bottom and along the lefthand side. Three layers and I was happy.

I really enjoyed my first foray into the world of Kelly Creates. This is the package liner for her aqua brush pens. Pretty cool. I let all the tiles dry and I want to show you how they look now. And there is at least one tile in here that I didn’t show you the steps for. And it included brown. Yep. I totally broke my code and used brown. Hahahaha!

Kelly Creates and Hahnemühle make a winning combination! Once I tangle on some of these tiles I will show you that, too! But for now it is back to work. Someone has to do it. Hahahahaha!

YouTangle.art Tiles and other Hahnemühle products with purchase links
Kelly Creates Aqua Brush Pens
Ranger Craft Mat

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Make Layers

  1. Love your experiments! They always turn out so pretty! Thanks for sharing❣️ Hugs

  2. These are soooooo pretty! I love how they played together, but did not mix and get ugly! They kept bright and beautiful! Well, now I must have some! Thanks for sharing! Will look forward to seeing them tangled!

  3. Tiles 3 & 5 are my favourites here, especially the one with two blues. My pastor’s wife uses Kelly’s pens for writing so I’ve seen them & can imagine they’d be pretty good for this technique. Isn’t it great when you can get such a good bargain to try out? I’m avidly waiting for Derwent’s release of the full range of Lightfast pencils but I think they’ll be pricey to begin with – they’re oil based & rigorously tested for lightfastness.

    • Those pencils sound interesting. You’ll have to let me know what you think about them.

  4. This is so cool..I hope to have some play time next week 🙂 I love how your colors come out..thanks for sharing and continuing to feed my addiction to art supplies lol

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