Awesome ATCs from Beth


I’ve shown you some of the ATCs I made for the May swaps and I’ll be showing you more soon. But – today I want to show you what I got in the mail yesterday.

These were for the Letter T swap in ATC Trades and Jams, on Facebook. My swap partner was Illinois artist Beth Broadway. You should follow her Instagram account here. I’ve been watching Beth’s posts and oohing and ahhing over them for some time. I am always happy when our names get paired up in the swaps. Beth covered a lot of T items in these two pieces. If you are new to the world of ATCs, they are 2.5″ x 3.5″, so small. Beth packs a lot of punch into that small area. I love them both but was especially awed by the typewriter and the “story” she printed out to go in the carriage of the typewriter. What a super idea!

With the trades in this group, we make two for the particular theme of the swap. Beth made these for the Vintage Coin swap. Coins are 2.5″ in diameter. I always find it hard to fit everything I want to put on a coin into that small area. When I opened these I immediately took the coins out of the clear protectors Beth had them in and tried to figure out that gold color. I did not recognize the product used. Beth told me this: I used #decoart media crackle paste but applied it with my finger. Then used a yellow ocre paint for base color and a brown archival to bring out the cracks. I need to order some and try this for myself because I love the texture she got with this technique! Love the embellishment she added, awesome ATCs!

I was telling Beth I wished we were swap partners for the Quirky swap. Hahahaha! She does amazing quirky – which you will see on her Instagram. I promise you are going to love her work. Well, she sent me this as a surprise! I love her so much! Then I noticed my tangle called floral on the little angel’s dress 🙂 awesome!!! I love the bright greens and those eyes! And the crown! Well, honestly I love it all! Thank you so much for trading with me, Beth! You made my week – love you, lady!

ATC Trades and Jams, FB

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8 thoughts on “Awesome ATCs from Beth

  1. Awesome! Of course I am a teeny,tiny, tad biased ?. So glad she made you some awesomeness. Live and hugs to you both.

  2. I can see why you were drawn to those coins – they immediately caught my eye with their colouring for they glow. Having watched one of Beth’s videos I can imagine the layering & texture she achieved. How lovely for you to receive a little extra (I know what that’s like – delightful gesture). It’s got me thinking about ATC tangle coins…………………….

    • they are fun and for me it’s a challenge because of their small size

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