ATC Swap Quirky Style


It’s a new month and that means new ATC swaps. I signed up for three this month. I want to show you the one that was the most fun! Quirky. That was the theme.

Two of the three swaps I signed up for involved coins. Round not rectangular. Tradable coins are 2.5″ in diameter. And the only guideline was ‘quirky.’ I gathered items together to build four coins. Two for this swap and two for another.

I laid out the pieces I wanted to use for the two quirky coins. These larger rings came about because I purchased some watercolor blank coins that were too large. I colored them first, then used a 2.5″ circle punch to make the coins the right size. And that meant I had rings left over. I love the colors and didn’t want to waste. The blue coin was colored with Dylusions Ink Sprays. The die cut bird and space guy are from Art By Marlene. She has these awesome die cut books with really different images than what you see anywhere else. The wording is hers too.

I began by attaching the orange ring at an offset position. Those pieces hanging off the edges were trimmed away with some curved scissors. Makes going around the circle a lot easier to navigate.

I set up my placement of elements so the bird was grounded to the bottom of the coin. Yes, the space guy extends over the edges – but I needed to get his face peeking over the bird, so over the edges it is. And chop, chop with my little scissors.

And added the words to the side. Placement was interesting trying to fit all of this into a 2.5″ area.

These ink pads are quickly becoming my favorite go-tos. I used both colors to ink the edges and to scruff a little over parts of the surface.

Quirky number one and done.

I ran all my elements for the second coin through my sticker machine. These die cuts also came from Art By Marlene. Great books!

Again the colors came from Dylusions Ink Sprays. I attached this yellow arm and trimmed the sides away.

Figuring out the placement on this one was tricky. The sun was a decent size, the octopus was leggy and the heart had big wings. But I wanted all the pieces in. So I stuck the sun behind the octopus’ head – like a crown. Or a tiara. Hahahahaha! Pulled off the sticker paper and adhered everything. Guess you know what came next. Right?

It’s those ink pads. Hahahaha! The words came from my Tim Holtz Sticker Sayings book and I inked the edges before I stuck it in place.

I used both colors to ink the edges and rub across parts of the surface. I am really into grunge.

And here is Quirky Number Two done.

Truthfully I do not remember where I mailed these to. Hahahaha! It’s been one of those weeks. I hope she loves them! I had not done quirky before and it was so much fun!

Want to get involved in some ATC swaps? Facebook group ATC Trades and Jams is where it’s happening. You will need to answer a couple questions to join and I am sure you will be welcomed there. I’ll show you the other two swaps later this week.

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10 thoughts on “ATC Swap Quirky Style

  1. At the risk of sounding a bit dumb what is a sticker machine First time I heard that…an there be something I have missed buying??

  2. Now that’s some nifty trimming & I had to smile over the sun as a tiara/crown. I can tell you’re having fun with these & I just giggle at your commentary. Take care my friend – you’ve brightened my day.

    • thanks, evy. by the way – I did get your email, just haven’t responded yet. been scanning pattern step outs for awhile. hahahahaha

  3. Could you put a picture of curved scissors? They sound very handy. Thanks. Love your project.

    • hahaha! I think she liked them, she got them today. just told me she received them – that was it – I hope she liked them.

    • haha! thanks! I just like to have fun with my art – this was a great prompt

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