What a Difference a Week Makes


Northern Maine. The land where it snows for seven months of the year. Harsh weather, strong winds, and even stronger people. I have found Mainers to be loving, fiercely protective of each other, accepting and encouraging, caring and friendly. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to live. But this whole snow thing does get a little out of control. Hahahaha!

I shot this photo six days ago on Monday. We were on our way home from supper and this little country church makes some super photographs! Snowed like crazy that day. That’s the road right down the middle of this picture. Our house isn’t far from here, down on the right.

Shot this one out the upstairs loft window Wednesday. It has been my snow gauge for the season. I have various photos of that plow truck, trailer and tractor being buried under snow. To the point that I didn’t remember there was a trailer between the truck and tractor. Hahahahaha! Hey! Look what I found! Hahahaha!

We had some warmer temperatures that day. In the upper 30s, lower 40s. This shot was at sunset, over the field next to our house. That is snow. Not a beach, not ocean waves, not sand. Snow. And Drew’s Mountain.

Pulling into our driveway. Dragon alert! And if you know what to look for you can also see Prince Charming. No. I am not crazy. Hahahahahahahaha!

And the driveway from the porch – still Wednesday. Those snow piles alongside the driveway have dropped a couple feet in height, so the snow is going away. Even though it doesn’t look like it. Our basement has been flooded for a couple weeks already. And yes, we have a great pump down there.

This is right in front of where we park the car and truck. You know, the truck that isn’t buried in the back yard. That one. Hahahaha! During the spring and summer we pull the cars right up to those two posts you see at the left bottom of the photo. These last few photos were all on Wednesday.

Then we had a day in the 50s and yesterday it got into the lower 60s. Here is my favorite red barn, totally not looking red here. And I notice it looks like they might have had some roof damage over winter. They have had a lot of snow melt away. Lucky them.

Here is our driveway this morning – Sunday when I’m typing this. Supposed to be in the 50s again today so I expect more of this will melt.

The driveway from the porch. What a difference a week makes! Literally! We still have a ton of snow to melt and go away. And it will probably be several more weeks before we are totally clear of snow, but that’s ok as long as we can see improvement in that direction. I am ready for some green grass and for the Canadian geese to come back home. And then I’ll bombard you with a ton of pictures. Cause that’s what I do. <3 Have a great week!

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14 thoughts on “What a Difference a Week Makes

  1. I’ll send the Canadian Geese your way. We’ve had several flocks of them here over the last couple of weeks. I’m glad the snow seems to be going away. Here’s hoping no more of it falls!

    • raining now for the next week. I am good with rain. I’m used to that from Florida hahahahaha! send me some geese <3

  2. Thank you for sharing these stunning photos ?
    I live in sunny Australia and have never seen snow like that! It just looks like a fairy tale. Reminds me of Narnia lol. Just magical ?

    • oh, you should see the lights we have lining our driveway. they look just like the ones in the first Narnia movie 🙂 glad you dropped in from sunny Australia. you could totally send me some of that sun <3

  3. Beautiful pictures! That was a lot of snow! Glad it is melting for you! Have a warmer week!

    • and now rain for the next week. that should melt a good bit of it. yayayayayay!!!!!

  4. It is gorgeous! But that snow would make me claustrophobic! I will see snow on the mountains for another month or so – I love it being half an hour away!
    By the way – I spotted Prince Charming, nice to see him re-emerging!

    • and you can finally see my rock and my bench. we relocated my rock from down by the windmills. took 2 trucks, a wench, and a trailer to bring it home for the dragons 🙂

    • thanks you so much, I always worry that people will expect ‘art’ and be disappointed. so thank you <3

  5. Your posts are so refreshing and honest. real life happens in between art. 🙂 I’m feeling a bit ashamed sitting here in Indiana wishing for the warmth of Florida sunshine. But Spring is pushing it’s way in and the spring flowers are coming up even though we had a dusting of snow last night. and the sun is shining today! I am looking forward to your posts of Storybrooke in the Spring and Summer. (And we have plenty of geese again to shoo your way!)

    • hahahaha! send me all the geese you can! I grew up in Newfoundland – in Canada. I’m from the US – dad was stationed in the military in Newfoundland for most of my school years. Because of that my daughter calls the Canadian geese ‘cousins’. anytime we see them we yell ‘cousins!!!’ and my husband looks at us like we are nuts and asks why we call them that. every single time for the past 5 years at least. hahahahahahah!

  6. Mushu is emerging nicely but it might be some time before his little dragon friend does & the same for Lilly. Prince Charming seems to be holding his own though with Maleficent as company. Good to see you have movement in the right direction as regards the temperatures. You field photo is an absolute stunner.

    • thanks, Evy, and you remembered the names of my clan <3 yay!!! I can see even more of them today. it has rained for the past 24 hours so more snow is gone. but it is going to take awhile at the house because we have so much of it.

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