Trellis, a New Tangle


Almost time for the weekend and The 100 Day Project is in full swing! I’ve totally lost track of what day it is but we are in the third week. I thought maybe you’d like to try a new pattern for the project this weekend. So – here is Trellis! I named it trellis because when I make the blocks in alternating colors, it reminds me of a flowered trellis. Let me show you what I mean!

Step number 4 is the completed block. Step number 5 shows that block in reverse. The opposite. Positive versus negative. If you alternate these blocks when you tangle Trellis you get a completely different look than if you did them all the same. So there are options with this pattern.

  • You could do a whole bunch of units like #4. Or
  • You could do a whole bunch of units like #5. Or
  • You could alternate the units. Or
  • You could make your own pattern scheme for groups of units like #4 or #5 in any configuration you desire.

Trellis is a lot of fun to tangle. And it mixes with other patterns so well! Please feel free to pin the step out to your Pinterest boards and I’d love for you to tag me if you use Trellis. I’d love to see what you can do with it!

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14 thoughts on “Trellis, a New Tangle

  1. My favourite kind of pattern & I can see it will be enormous fun to play with permutations. The one that really appeals to me is where you’ve added lines to the ‘petals’ then alternated blocks of black & white around. Fascinating to see it ‘balanced’ by your signature Printemps & I particularly like the way you’ve added an aura to the Printemps blocks.

    • thanks, evy, I’d love to see what you do with trellis. there are so many to use this one.

  2. You’re so good at these super simple to draw but high impact, high contrast patterns. And of course they work so well over intensely coloured backgrounds. It all falls into place 🙂

    I know I’ll use this one – thanks for sharing!

    • thanks! I was told once upon a time that my patterns were too simple, that no one would ever use them. so these words mean a whole lot to me. thank you <3

      • Whoever told you that doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about. Simple patterns are the best sort – easy to remember, simple and pleasing to draw and they allow for the most variation which is where we can bring in our own creativity. The complex patterns might appear impressive initially but I rarely use them often!

        • agreed, I use the ones I can remember and have fun with. not the complex ones – for the most part they just frustrate me.

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