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Lynn Mead is amazing. Perhaps you’ve heard of her? If you are seriously into the art of tangling you are probably familiar with her patterns, her website, or her art. She is a Certified Zentangle Teacher who contributes to the development of the tangle community on a regular basis. Today I want to show you Lynn’s newest tangle tool and tell you where you can get a set for yourself. Cause you are going to want a set for sure!

Tangle Deck 3, CZT Edition 1. This is so incredible! Lynn has developed several sets of cards – a little larger than a playing size deck of cards – that are made for portability or to use at home in whatever work space you use. Easy to understand, each card in the 48 card deck has a step out for a tangle pattern on one side and a piece of Lynn’s beautiful artwork using that pattern as a monotangle on the reverse side. You can literally study the step by step instructions on one side and see the pattern in action on the other. You see in the photo above, Lynn gives us good step by step layouts so we can easily see and understand what we are supposed to draw next. Each new step is shown in red. Lynn even shows us on the right hand side which specific strokes are used to develop the tangle.

Lynn has previously released Decks 1 and 2, as well as an expansion pack, and small sets called Tiny Tangle Deck and Tiny Tutorials. The big, big news is you can now pre-order Tangle Deck 3, which is completely comprised of patterns deconstructed (or designed) by Certified Zentangle Teachers from around the world. We sent our patterns to Lynn for her consideration, she made her selections, then Lynn drew all the steps and the artwork for each of the 48 patterns. I am so proud to tell you one of my patterns was included.

Line dance. Thank you, Lynn, I was so excited to get a deck in my hands so I could drool over all the beautiful patterns you included. I am humbled that you included line dance in the deck.

So beautiful! You certainly did line dance justice!

Interested in getting your hands on one of these decks? You can pre-order a set now at Lynn’s website – A Tangler’s Mind. OR you can head over to Facebook’s Tangle All Around where I will be running a giveaway for two days, April 27 – 28, 2019, and giving away a deck I purchased from Lynn just to give you because this deck is that awesome. Shhhhh! I’ll be giving away a bunch of other fun tangle supplies, too! You knocked this one out of the park, Lynn! Can’t wait to see what you do next! Here’s a few links I want to leave you with:

A Tangler’s Mind
Order Tangle Decks here
Tangle All Around, FB – come join us

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12 thoughts on “Tangle Deck 3 Now Available

  1. These do look phenomenal – how interesting to have those elemental strokes included. Nice to see your Line Dance getting some exposure.

    • I’ve already tried 4 of the tangles in the deck. bought me a deck and bought one to give away <3

  2. How cool!!! Congratulations ?
    I can’t wait to receive mine!

  3. I have been a big fan of Lynn’s skill as an artist as well as a teacher since the first time I took a class from her at a TangleU! Every time I’ve purchased a batch of Tangle Decks from her, my students have gobbled them up. I am so delighted, like you, to have a tangle in Deck 3! It’s called Harp. ?

    • and it’s beautiful, too! this is a great deck, congratulations on being included <3

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