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String Time! is an every Thursday event in my Facebook group Tangle All Around. I provide the weekly prompts on Saturday but Thursday is the day I remind them about the string for the week. We also focus on 7 tangle patterns, sketchbook practice and a tangle technique each week but my favorite is the strings.

Here is the string I gave them for this week. They have the option of printing it out and tangling it, or they can re-create this on paper of their choice. For The 100 Day Project today, I re-created the string on a Tile from Hahnemühle and tangled it up for day number eight. Typically a string is drawn lightly in pencil and that pencil line will disappear into your tangling as you go.

For me this 100 Day artwork needs to take no more than 15 minutes. I have so many obligations – by my own choosing – that I can not afford more than 15 minutes a day. I thought my tangle pattern TootsieMoon would work great with this string, so I started by going over the string with my Zebra Technical Pen. Then I started the bone structure of TootsieMoon.

And I just kept tangling till I reached this point. I could have continued all the way out to the edges of the tile but I opted to leave some white space. Or some negative space. I like TootsieMoon left alone at this stage but . . .

. . . it looks so much better shaded. Hahahaha! So much more dimension and depth is obtained with a little graphite and a tort. String Time! It can totally fill one of your days in the project. Need to know more about The 100 Day Project? Click here. And if you need somewhere to tangle and learn more about tangling at all levels, come join us at Tangle All Around. You will make friends there – I promise. And absolutely no judgement. Because that is not allowed. Just encouragement and learning together. Tiles and all things Hahnemühle can be found here
Technical Pens from Zebra Pen, and all their other product is here

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4 thoughts on “String Time!

  1. Tootsie Moon is absolutely perfect for this kind of string & the white space sets it off superbly. I agree – this is a tangle where the shading really does make it ‘glow.’

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