Playing With Brea Reese Alcohol Ink


I found a new line of product recently and I’ve been itching to play! New to me at least. Maybe not new to you – Brea Reese. Beautiful, bright, bold color and I just had to try them out!

I had played some with her watercolor inks then noticed she also makes her own alcohol ink. Yep! I needed to order a couple bottles so I bought six! OK, maybe more than a couple but I needed a decent range of color and the prices were so affordable! And I still had some samples of Yupo paper which is perfect for alcohol inks. So I got right to work! My yupo was already cut into 2.5″ x 3.5″ sheets so think much smaller than you are probably seeing this on your screen. I started with two colors – turquoise and medium magenta. (It’s the only magenta so I am not quite sure why they need to include ‘medium’ but whatever. It’s really pretty.) The first thing I noticed was I didn’t have much control. When using Ranger alcohol inks I know that one drop will come out of the bottle when I want one drop. Control is there and great with Ranger. Not at all the case with Brea Reese. Turn the bottle over in order to squeeze and before you get a chance – liquid shoots out. And the color feathers and blooms differently than Ranger but I like it. A lot! Not as predictable with the bloom and that is a nice difference.

In that top section of turquoise, I carefully dropped in just a little bit of kelly green. Doesn’t look like it – does it? In the bottom turquoise I put just a bit bigger bit – oops! – of the same kelly green. And it looks different. Not consistent. But that’s ok, too. I’m playing and learning.

You can see quite a difference in this photo from the one before. That upper section bloomed and spread till it almost covered the turquoise all up, the lower section was working similarly but not quite as hard. I dropped one bit of cadmium yellow in the center. Looks kind of like a nuclear egg yoke, doesn’t it?

And waited as things spread around. As the color continued spreading, I lost what I had hoped to gain in the blue sections. Some contrast. I was quickly getting too much wet on the small piece of yupo, so I placed a paper towel down over the top and pressed down to pick up some excess color. And got a cool little texture thing going on.

This time I added some cadmium yellow to the top and it quickly morphed into a pretty lime green color.

And a small bit of rose into the lower section was called for.

Yeah, don’t ask me what happened to the rose color because I do not know. Hahahaha! Unpredictable. But I still love the colors anyway. Once this ATC size piece was dry, I spritzed some blending solution in the air above the paper – just letting the solution drift down onto the color. And got a cool speckled effect which you will see better in a project I’ll show you tomorrow.

It’s been a long day here but I’m trying to make a post because I missed one yesterday. We were able to get to the doctor for a steroid shot – they cancelled the appointment without telling us, the insurance company refuses to pay for it, Mark got upset, I talked calmly to the nurses, they were able to stop everyone’s schedule and help us anyway which is saying a lot because they totally use an x-ray machine and a bunch of highly technical equipment to make this happen and we get to pay for it but the nice people cut the price in half for us so the day worked out after all but what a pain. There. Keep those prayers coming because we totally need and appreciate them. Talk with you tomorrow. Love you all!

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14 thoughts on “Playing With Brea Reese Alcohol Ink

  1. sending you prayers and good wishes. glad the Medical team was able to work with you. It makes such a difference …Good luck in the future

  2. Sorry to hear about the hurdles you had to jump to get Mark his shot. I really hope it helps and soon. The people who makes these decisions rarely give a though to the impact it has on real people’s lives.

    So far I’ve managed to resist the call of liquid colour – I’m too much of a control freak. But happy to ooh and ahh at all the magic you are making!

    • hahahaha! you can ooh and ahh all you’d like, I love it!
      so far mark has not had any pain – so it sounds like it is working. we love this new doctor. she is the one that made things happen once radiology told us we were cancelled.

  3. Love the colors, but the unpredictability is a bit off-putting. Hopefully, you also got the doctor’s office to promise they WILL let you know the next time they cancel BEFORE you make the long drive.

    • it was a heck of a day but it turned out alright at the end. the shot seems to be helping. mark hasn’t had any pain since which is a small miracle all by itself. I agree about the unpredictability. I do love the color though

  4. That sounds like a really hard day – but good to hear it worked out & Mark is better. Interesting to see how differently various brands behave – I’ve managed to resist the alcohol apart from ProMarkers & Copics…………..

    • and the shot seems to be helping. no pain since then. that’s a real blessing. thank you for praying for us <3

  5. Oh, what a shame. I sure will pray for him everyday that he can make it for two years without too much pain! Best wishes to ya’ll….not fun. Let me know if you need me to come up and mow! ??

    • hahahaha! I will do that! hahahaha! of course, you can come visit anytime you’d like. you are always welcome here <3

  6. You and Mark are in my prayers everyday. I certainly hope your insurance come through for you! What is the point of having it if it does help with things like this.

    On a more pleasant note that Brea Reese Alcohol is lovely, I wonder if a tiny brush would offer some control? I am sure you will make it work.
    Hugs and best wishes to you and Mark.

    • I’m going to play with straws and air next. thank you for the prayers, we appreciate them so much.

  7. Hubby has mowed twice this spring. We have no residual snow in Ohio.

    • yes, I expect grass cutting will be happening before long. got a couple rains coming this week that should wipe out the rest of this snow.

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