Luna Lovegood Spotted in Maine


For several years now I have been HP fan-friends with a super lady who lives in Texas. I met Sandy through Zentangle® and quickly learned we both have a love for all things Potter.

We were recently talking about Luna. You know . . . Looney Luna. Luna Lovegood who makes her own jewelry, wears her own unique style, skips through the castle dreaming about pudding. She talks about nargles and wrackspurts and gives a Quibbler to whoever wants one. Luna is a great friend to Harry and her patronus is a cute little bunny. My favorite line of Luna’s is ‘you’re just as sane as I am.’ Hahahahahahahaha! Luna is probably one of the smartest characters in the entire HP series.

I got awesome mail from Sandy today. A beautiful card which you can see in that first photo. And a Luna Rock Candy figure. I love the detail! The radish earrings that she makes, the Spectrespecs she wears when she’s looking for those nasty wrackspurts that make your head all fuzzy, and the headlines on the Quibbler. Funko put a lot of detail into this 6″ figure!

And she now has her own place of honor here in the studio. With my two other Luna figures. She is probably my favorite character in the HP line. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. Luna is in her own world most of the time and that is just fine with me. I think I’d like Lunaland and would fit right in! Thank you, Sandy, for making my day! It’s been a tough couple weeks and months here. This made me smile and truthfully tear up just a bit. Love you, dear friend! So much!

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16 thoughts on “Luna Lovegood Spotted in Maine

  1. Luna is also my favorite with her lion hat at the Quittich match and her radish earrings I am getting a trip to Hogwarts for my birthday Ill health has keep me home but I am taking my chances and getting there while I can …I know some laugh at my Potter head mentality but I love the entire concept And I love your little pieces

  2. That is AMAZING! I’m also a Lunite, or a Lunie. Thanks for sharing this treasure!

  3. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift! Sandy – this Luna ROCKS!!
    I too am drawn to Luna, I just love her outlook. Don’t think I can wear Quirky as well as Luna does – but it’s a goal! ?

  4. A lovely thoughtful gesture – had to google Rock Candy figure as I thought she’d be an edible sweet: turns out it would be quite hard to suck or chew on this………….

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