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Last month I participated in an ATC swap in ATC Trades and Jams. The theme was black and white. I posted my ATCs here and a commenter asked me to show you what my swap partner sent to me. As a refresher, here are the ATCs I sent out.

Anything goes as long as it is black and white. No color. My swap partner lives in Austria – which is kind of cool all by itself. When would I ever get a chance otherwise to have some art from a new friend in Austria? Probably never. Well my package from Christina Bacher just arrived and it is pretty epic! Let me show you:

Christina is a tangle artist – just like me. Who knew? I love the florals and I swear I think I see my pattern Harlee Qwin in that one on the left. Beautiful work!

Christina also sent a few extras. Sorry about the one almost solid heart, hard to get a decent photo of it. I do love that fish and it is totally going to end up in a tangled underwater world in the next couple weeks. I already have a plan in mind. Want to see that card on the far right a little closer?

It’s a sampler of washi tape! What a super idea! I’ve already quizzed Christina about the backing she wrapped the tape around – it’s a playing card! She wrapped a couple yards of five different tapes around this card. I can just pull off what I want to use and save the rest for another day. And she stayed with the black and white theme here. This is such a great idea – one I am going to borrow for trades in the future. Thanks, Christina! I know you probably don’t follow my postings but you should! Hahahahaha! Thanks for trading with me!

Interested in doing some trading with us? Go to Facebook and check out ATC Trades and Jams, or you can just click the pink words here and you will be magically transported to the right location. It is pretty epic trading. And you can be selective in the ones you sign up for. I have three new ones to get busy on. Soon. Hahahahaha! In my spare time!

Oh! I forgot to show you:

Another perk of swapping internationally is the postage stamps. Awesome! These will make an appearance on an art journal page before too long. If I can remember where I stashed the others I’ve been saving. I put them someplace safe.

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14 thoughts on “B&W ATCs From Austria

  1. Postage stamps and the art of them are fun to work with. Another interesting post.

    • it is fun to get mail from other countries. I never think to put awesome postage on mine because I do the postage online

  2. Soooooo cooooool! Thank You for sharing! It is neat to know that art is world wide! These were really neat to see!

    • I love them both! this month I also traded in Canada but I don’t have those to show you yet.

    • I did 🙂 it is a lot of fun and it gives me a break from all the other things I have going on

  3. Hope you find those stamps you’ve put somewhere safe. I can see why the two black & white ATCs you received appeal to you & can imagine your delight with the washi tape too – impressive keeping to the black & white theme.

  4. You are very lucky to have such a talented tangle friend. Who knew?? Just want to let you know I enjoy your posts and always look forward to the next one. Thank you for sharing your artistic talents.

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