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Each week in my Facebook group Tangle All Around I give the members a string to tangle. Some weeks it is a basic type string that most tanglers would recognize. Some weeks I go a little bigger and give them a mandala string. Strings that are layered, mirrored, geometric, anything really is a possibility. Hahaha! Here is the string I gave them this past week.

I realize this looks huge here. The tile is 3.5″ square so keep that in mind. The area they tangle may be a lot smaller if you are reading this on a computer or a tablet. The thought is they will use any tangle patterns they are familiar with and turn this into a piece of art. Sound easy? Not always, but if you stick with the basics of tangling anyone can do this. Tangle patterns are comprised of four basic strokes. If you can draw I, S, O and C you can make a piece of tangled art. For realz! You can! You just pick some patterns and fill in the sections. Here is what I did with my tile.

Nothing fancy but something simple that anyone – yes, you! – can do if you follow the 1-2-3 steps. I have a lot of patterns here on this site that you can find here. And Tangle Patterns has a lot as well. You can see in this tile that even though my string created 4 sections, I elected to use just three patterns. I carried one over across the back and had it fill two sections. Strings are meant to be used as guidelines. I like working with strings! In fact, I like it so much that I published a book of strings.

Tangle Starts Strings has 366 strings already drawn out and ready for you to tangle. That’s one for every day of the year, plus one for leap year. It also includes 12 bonus strings from Geneviéve Crabe! There are lots of other features, too.

Here’s a page from inside. I already tangled three of these four strings.

If you are interested in strings but worry that you can’t create your own, Tangle Starts Strings may be just what you need! It is also available as an ebook. And if you need somewhere to tangle with other like-minded folks, come over to Tangle All Around and check us out. We would love to see you there.

Tangle Starts Strings
Tangle All Around
If you are looking for the Report & Art Book Giveaway, it is located here.

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5 thoughts on “String Time!

  1. Ah – here’s the fish (Coral) trying to escape the geometric world of humans (Dayz Eaze) by jumping through the hole to join his shrimp (Printemps) friends. Terrific description/tutorial of strings & how to use them.

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