Steampunk ATCs From Beth


Last week I showed you some ATCs I made for a swap in ATC Trades and Jams on Facebook. You can see mine here.

These arrived here in Maine today in the mail. Actually on Tuesday, because I set up posts that far in advance. Hahahaha!   These were made by Beth Broadway, you may have seen her art on Instagram where her name is maxsblts – if you don’t follow her art already you need to. Go look her up. You will be glad you did! I love both these ATCs! I wish you could see them in person! They are magnificent! I definitely got the better end of this trade! Thank you, Beth! You are one awesome artist!

Want to check out ATC Trades and Jams. Just click those pink words because they are a link. Here on my website pink = link. That is something I carried over from the old blog. Anywhere you see pink letters, that is a link to something awesome! Hahahaha! Hopefully! Now, go check out that link.

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4 thoughts on “Steampunk ATCs From Beth

  1. Wow, Alice, I agree! Those 2 are awesome!! I only know a little bit about Steampunk, but every time I see an example, I love it. (Oh no …… not ANOTHER obsession??!) 🙂

    • hahahahahaha! that’s how I got started! seeing it in someone else’s art <3

  2. Now that medallion/mandala on the right has all the potential for several tangles to evolve, never mind a complete mandala!! Or there could be a couple of strings in there……… anyone reading this comment will think me crackers unless they’re tanglers.

    • hahaha! they would! Beth is a tangler – she’s in our facebook group, so she would understand

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