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I love this Report & Art Book from Hahnemühle! I can do a lot of different types of art in one book and keep it all together! I am trying several things before I make a comprehensive review of the book but I thought I’d show you the piece I worked on yesterday.

I was getting ready to make that collage spread from a couple days ago and needed to make some flowers for it. I started with a scrap of watercolor paper and drew these loosey goosey style with a grey Copic brush pen. Then I got the idea to put together a whole page of loosey gooseys in my Report & Art Book. Yeah! So, is the plural of ‘goosey’ gooseys or goosies? Cause inquiring minds need to know. Hahahaha!

This was drawn directly in the Report & Art Book. I am finding I have specific flowers that I really like and a few I’m trying to like. Hahahahaha! And I like these in black and white as much as I do in color. And you have probably never heard me say that before. The Hahnemühle description says the book can take a light watercolor painting so I pulled out Jennifer McLean’s Schmincke tin that she curated for the company. I added two shades of green to the palette but the rest is all Jennifer.

In many places this limited edition tin is already sold out. I did find one place where you can still purchase this set – if you would like. The list price is $195.55 but you can get one of the last tins available at this link for $79.99. Schmincke is one of the best watercolor brands on the market. And if you love bright and beautiful – Schmincke is where it’s at. OK. Commercial done. √

Here is what I did to start with. And I realized about the time I took this photo that I neglected to color the background. I knew I wanted something light and airy so I pulled out a palette of Yasutomo colors . . .

. . . and just did a light wash of three different colors in the background. The paper stayed flat as it dried. And I love the way it looks! This Report & Art Book is great for a bunch of different things. Wonder what I can try next? I’m thinking gouache and a brayer. Hahaha! Yes! Have a super day!

Report & Art Book can be found here, here and here
Schmincke 2018 Limited Edition Set
Yasutomo Pearlescent Watercolors

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14 thoughts on “Hahnemühle’s Report & Art Book

    • oh my word, I wish! it’s snowing here. right now. I am so over the snow for this winter

  1. I know I may sound like a broken record, but I just love the vibrant colors!

    • thanks, kris, a lot of fun. I need to learn some new flowers, though 🙂

  2. I love both my Report & Art book(s) and Jennifer’s Schmincke palette. The Desert Island items of my art collection. I love what you’ve done here.

    • thanks, Sandra, we got lucky meeting Jennifer and Carol and all four of us getting to be friends. we work very well together and help each other <3

    • thanks, carol, I keep hoping. hahaha! it is still snowing here – supposed to get up to 6 inches tomorrow. this is no longer fun. I want to wear something other than snow boots when I go outside. hope you are getting warmer weather where you are

  3. Now these flowers are such fun – & I can see how the loose style of watercolour complements the way they’re drawn beautifully. The blue & the pink flowers are my favourites – maybe you should start giving them names??

    • hahaha! maybe although I’m really partial to ‘loosey goosey’ hahahaha! those pink ones are my favorite

  4. The greenish blue flowers are so whispy and a beautiful color. They drew my eye right to the painting of flowers.
    Each flower is beautiful. Love the colors and this whole page… fantastic

    • thanks, lynne, I’m learning. hahaha! I do love making these flowers so you might get sick of them. hahahahaha

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