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I remember the old days when I used to scrapbook. All the time. Color blocking was a thing back then. My friend Robin Mead pulled out some color block techniques this past week and I thought I’d give it a go, too!

I have to tell you I was right on the verge of a migraine and thought this would help relax my brain. Well it did that so much that I forgot about photos. And then I’d think – oh wow! I should have taken a photo of that. Like when I set this page up in my Report & Art Book from Hahnemühle. Great book by the way. I’ve tried all kind of cool stuff inside these covers. For my little block party, I used a pencil and lightly drew some guidelines. I recently purchased a box of watercolor paints from Arteza and thought I’d try some out. Actually, I got this set of 60 paints using some of my points I’ve accumulated on Amazon. I had no idea about points. So this set cost me no money – even better!  I used my fancy new paintbrush – a size 6 Silver Black Velvet round and it worked great!

I just kept trying colors I thought I might like – and found that some of them look nothing like their names make you think they will. But it’s color so it’s all good. Even that red one.

They dry really fast. And before I knew it the page was full of color. These pages are roughly 6″ x 8 “.

These are watercolors so I though to try some splatters of water and watch it lift the color away. Cool! So I grabbed my mister bottle of water . . .

. . . and spritzed in the air horizontal to the page – letting the water rain down onto the color and . . .

. . . waited. And nada. You can see little water droplets in this photo, but when I dabbed them away later, not a thing had happened. I was greatly disappointed. So I am going to stop right now and pull out my water brush and go rub on this page a bit and see what happens. I’ll be right back. . . . . . . OK, I’m back. So the color will lift away but you have to really work it with that wet brush to make it happen. Good to know.

Well, those little blocks of color are cute and all but they are still boring. The white circle is the top of a medicine bottle. And that StazOn ink is pretty incredible. It doesn’t smear when you wipe something wet over it.

Pretend like the ink pad isn’t in this photo. Migraine. Sorry. I used the medicine cap and a larger medicine bottle, plus a couple of those StazOn ink pads to stamp circles over the page.

Then I used that Altenew Ink Pad to grunge scrub bamboo (lime) color across the page. I actually won this ink pad in a giveaway!

From the 5th drawer down in my desk I pulled out these letters and the Dyestress ink pad and made that word happen. ‘Your 5th drawer’ you might ask? Yes, actually let me show you the drawer. Hahaha! Cause I remembered to take a photo of that, just not of the actual progress of the page. Migraine alert.

This is a really awesome industrial German made desk I bought at a discount place in Florida. It has a total of 10 drawers and it holds so much stuff!!!! This one drawer holds all my ink pads. Some of those are 6 or 7 ink pads deep. I don’t get rid of anything.

These lines and shapes were done with Ecoline Brush Pens. They have some super colors! Nothing fancy here. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around fancy.

See those dots? I did a bunch of these on the page using this Painters Paint Marker. I have had them quite awhile and they got kind of lost. In one of those drawers. Hahahah! I have resurrected them!

See the little dots? And dashes? I was able to do a lot of mark making with the Painters. Sharpies work great at block parties, too.

Although at this point in time I can not tell you what I did with the Sharpies. Some of those lines for sure. And I used 3 or 4 different colors in the Painters paint markers. And I wanted to try out some Golden Fluid Acrylic because why not.

I used the end of that China marking pencil to make dots with the yellow Golden. Then I thought – hot pink!!! And grabbed a bottle of Walmart 50 cent craft paint. . . .

. . . and made some pink dots, too, because pink! I apologize for these photos being so one step behind. That would be an awesome fun splatter/fan brush and you can see the white and black paint. A week ago I wouldn’t have been able to show you a black acrylic. Because those are boring.

I used a paper plate and made puddles using water and one of the paints. I started with the white. Actually not true. I started with some hot pink splatters but they didn’t show up too well – except on my craft mat and on my window curtain. Then I went to white and it worked much better. You make a puddle of water and color, tap the fan brush in it, then over your page tap the brush against a finger and make splatters. I will make a video – those are always fun. Then I did black splatters, too.

A white gel pen added some much needed highlights. Just a regular white gelly roll pen and it worked great. I dried everything with my heat tool and used a Zensations Technical Pen  from Zebra Pen to make some black line accents. And I added my chop in there. Somewhere along the way I also used Jane Davenport’s Paint Over Pens – like where I drew around the letters. Excellent mark maker. Fun little page. Didn’t make my migraine much better but it did pass away a bit of time on an afternoon. While it snowed. Again. Ugh. So glad you stopped by my block party! I will leave you with a few links. Most of the product I used is already linked if you just click the pink wording. And if you have a block party of your own – I hope you will invite me!

Where to find the Report & Art Book and all things Hahnemühle
Zebra Pen
Zensations Technical Pens

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18 thoughts on “Block Party!

  1. I used to do something like this with a different style of text written in each block of color. It’s surprising how appealing blocking can be. I hope your migraine has gone away and stays away!

  2. Try tapping spatter brush gently against handle of another brush. Much more control to spare you curtains!

  3. Wow!! I can’t imagine being able to “play” so creatively with a migraine! I love your block party page. Such great layering! And wonderful colors – many of which I wouldn’t have thought to add to the mix! I admire your courage!! And I agree … the white & black splatters were the perfect addition to your party. 🙂

    • 🙂 a lot of this was almost in desperation, hoping to stop the headache. it was something I will definitely do again.

  4. I’m surprised you’ve not got custom coloured curtains by now………… Hope that head is improving now, heartily sympathise when the inanimate items don’t ‘behave’ though. Now I think I spy a couple of tangle decks in that drawer midst those inkpads.

  5. Sorry you get migraines as it must be horrible. I’ve only had one of those and I was so sick.
    This us fantastic.
    I love all you do alice.
    I Enjoyed the process

  6. “Even that red one”…you crack me up!
    Love your block party, hope the headache and snow clears out soon! ?

    • hahahaha! I really don’t like red but this was just such a rich, robust one! hahahaha! and thank you. headache comes and goes. I’m ready for it to be gone

  7. Lovely results. Think I will give it a try and tangle in some of the color blocks.

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