Dyestress and Daler Rowney


Day before yesterday I showed you some new colors in the Dyestress Blendable Ink line and we made a few tiles. Today I want to show you one more, then move on to the Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks. I am using YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle. At 3.5″ square they are the perfect size for experimenting… Continue Reading

The 100 Day Project Approaches


She read that title and ran screaming from the room! “NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Not The 100 Day Project again!!!!!” Yep! It is that time again. Hahahaha! Actually I participated in The 100 Day Project last year and I swore I would never do it again. The project lasts – 100 days – and you commit to making… Continue Reading

New Dyestress Colors to Tangle With


ColorBox has a line of ink pads called Dyestress Blendable Dye Inks. They are very similar to the Ranger Distress Inks. I made a post previously using some of the colors that were new at that time. Since then, ColorBox has released more colors. Yesterday I got a chance to play with them a bit…. Continue Reading

Tangled Coloring Pages


This post originally ran a little over 3 years ago. We are still recovering from all the doctor trips but I do have a new project planned for tomorrow. <3 Three years ago adult coloring books were all the rage! Many people still color and even more people still have these books sitting on their… Continue Reading

We Survived the MRI, Mostly


Yesterday’s MRI is a done deal and we appreciate your thoughts, prayers and encouragements. Who knows when we will get results. Mainers don’t seem to get in a hurry for anything. And usually that is alright, but not this time. We need help like a month ago. The MRI will help us get an appointment… Continue Reading

Stencil Art to Tangle


Like I mentioned yesterday, this afternoon Mark is having an MRI to hopefully determine why he is having trouble walking. I really can’t make art today, so I’m pulling out a post from the past. I promise it is still relevant. <3 (And I’ll add some new comments, too.)  Show of hands: how many of us have stencils… Continue Reading



Hahaha! I keep seeing cartoons and memes on Facebook about spring being here. Yep! I do think Maine is thinking … wishing … longing for spring. But it isn’t here quite yet. Mark equates spring with the lakes being iced out and ready for fishing. So this morning after breakfast we rode by Nickerson Lake,… Continue Reading

Fountain Pen Loosey Gooseys


That title may make absolutely no sense at all. Yet it makes perfect sense to me. Because – yes, my brain works that way. Hahahahaha! You may have seen me mention the absurd amount of snow we’ve gotten this winter in Maine. Last count I had was around 160 inches, the yearly average is 90… Continue Reading

Block Party!


I remember the old days when I used to scrapbook. All the time. Color blocking was a thing back then. My friend Robin Mead pulled out some color block techniques this past week and I thought I’d give it a go, too! I have to tell you I was right on the verge of a… Continue Reading

Dylusions Inks and Bamboo Mixed Media


Channeling spring through vibrant color! Hahahaha! One can only hope. Temps are getting up in the mid 40s today which means snow will be melting. And that is a good thing. Bring on mud season! Last week I pulled out a ten pack of Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media tiles and had some fun. This is… Continue Reading