Viola, A New Tangle


Want to try a new tangle pattern? Loose and free-flowing, Viola is a super forgiving, easy to draw tangle.

Here is a quick tile I did last night using viola. Notice how each flower is its own flower. No two are the same. This tangle is not meant for perfection, or duplication. Each viola you tangle with be unique. Most of mine seem to have five petals, but I have done as little as four and as much as seven depending on the overall size of the flower. Just three simple steps.

I started drawing viola back in October, during Inktober, 2018. It just happened and I liked it so much I kept drawing it.

You can even see a variation of viola in the smaller flowers in this piece of art. The petals are closer to the center and spaced more closely together.

Here is the piece I did for Inktober. Viola would also look great in black and white, I just haven’t tried it that way yet. I would love for you to give viola a try. And please feel free to pin it to your Pinterest boards. To see more of my tangle patterns, there is a link called My Patterns at the top of this page in the black box or you can click here.

Need a place to learn more about tangling? I admin a Facebook group called Tangle All Around and I would love to welcome you there. Just click this link and I’ll meet you at the door.

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14 thoughts on “Viola, A New Tangle

  1. Excellent tangle. Great name to Voila!
    I really enjoy your posts, and am amazed at your commitment to be creative – well done! thanks for brightening up my day with colour.

    • you are very welcome, I am trying to have a post each day. I know it won’t always happen, but I am trying . enjoy <3

    • I saw that, thank you 🙂 it would be a good one to use for your fun and easy landscapes <3

  2. Thank you I love this pattern and most likely will use it immediately or very soon. Thank you for an interesting column.

  3. Oh, Alice, I love this sweet pattern. I’d been seeing this in a few of your past posts and had began playing around with it. Now, thanks to you, the step outs make it easy! Thanks so much!

    • I’m so glad you have been using viola – even before you knew it had a name <3 and it is easy. have fun

  4. Love the way you have a vine of Rixty for Viola to grow on, very dynamic. I like the way both the first & last pieces have a sort of ‘nod’ in colour to violet (viola) which is always what I associate with viola or violet flowers.

    • absolutely, that is why I colored them that way 🙂 I made this tangle for the Christian planner that I will get to eventually

  5. Love this pattern! I also recognize the tile you did it on! Love the two together! Will try this one asap!

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