Something You Have Never Seen Here Before


Absolutely serious! You have never seen me work in collage with just black and white. No color. Oh my word, I can’t even believe I signed up for this ATC swap! Hahahaha!

You have heard me talk about ATC Trades and Jams on Facebook before. They have a crazy thing called Jams going on all the time. I haven’t gotten brave enough to do those trades. Actually I don’t have the time to do those trades. But they also do a couple ATC swaps each month and I love those. This particular swap called for a black and white image on a black background and you could only use black and white, no color. You know I don’t deal in black and white, so I am not sure why I signed up. But I did. I put these two ATCs together today and I am so serious – I don’t want to mail them out!

My images came from two different Joggles collage sheets. That border is a long ago piece of scrapbook elements I found stashed in a drawer here. Long since forgotten. Because black and white. For my ATC backing, I cut down two Zentangle tiles into the 2.5″ x 3.5″ size – because that’s what I had on hand.

I wasn’t thinking fast enough and I trimmed that one image out with my curved scissors. Then I remembered my sticker maker machine from Xyron. It works much better if you run the whole piece through the sticker maker, then cut out the image. No gluey residue on the edges the second way. This machine puts adhesive between the back of the image and the protective paper backing. Now all I had to do was cut out the image, remove the paper backing and instant sticker.

I figured that black background was going to be a whole lot of boring, so I used my white gel pen and drew a little pattern to give it some hidden oomph.

Then I decided placement. I liked them just like this, so this is the way they stayed.

Removed my girl from the sticker backing and stuck her in place.

Here they both are. I like the borders running down opposite sides. And aren’t these the cutest images from Joggles?

My ATCs needed something profound. Out came my Tim Holtz books. I have three of these with different types of sayings. As you can see on the cover, they come in both black paper and white paper.

Profound to the rescue. Hahahaha! I wonder if Tim has ever been called profound before. Probably!

And here they are finished. Remember these are just 2.5″ wide and 3.5″ tall. Not huge like you might see them on your screen.

I love how they turned out! I hope whoever I get as a partner loves them just as much!

Facebook ATC Trades and Jams
Joggles Collage Sheets
Xyron Sticker Machine
Tim Holtz Small Talk

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16 thoughts on “Something You Have Never Seen Here Before

  1. Thank you for sharing this project. I love some of the products you feature today. They all look handy for card making. Thank you for doing this every day. Let us know when you need to take a break we will understand. Have a good week.

    • thanks, Susan, this was a fun project and I was totally surprised that I liked the finished card. even though it wasn’t in color. hahahaha

  2. Thanks for the demo. You never seizes to amaze me with your demos. I would have never imagined such a tool!

    • thanks! I love them and really don’t want to give them away. so I packaged them up immediately and have a stamp on the package waiting for someone to tell me who to mail them to 🙂

  3. Terrific – isn’t black & white just so so different? I too love the way you put those borders down opposite sides & the sayings go ever so well. Good reminders eh??

    • Haha! Not always! I need to find an awful project and post it one day. Hahaha! But thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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