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I wanted to share a little of the Bible journaling I’ve been doing lately. I mentioned washi tape a few days ago and I had comments asking for other ways to use washi in a Bible. One way is included in this post.

I used a strip of washi tape to mark the first page of every one of the sixty-six books of the Bible. And I have enough washi that I never had to repeat one. It looks pretty with all those colors on the edges. In my opinion at least. Hahaha! Maybe not for everyone but I love it!

And sometimes I was able to find a tape that went with the book. Sort of. Genesis talks about the beginning of time. The happenings for each of the first days when God was busy creating and setting our world in motion. The timeliness of it all reminded me of clocks. And this steampunk washi tape fit the bill. Who knew God was into steampunk? Hahaha! There are a lot of things about God that I don’t know.

This Philippians page is one I did some time ago. I am not sure if those words are washi tape or a sticker. Either way they worked very well with this page. The cute little girl is part of a packaging wrapper some deli type paper came in. And I wrapped some airways around a circular word sticker to pull the page together.

I watercolored this page last year at Easter time. I clear gessoed the page first. It is important to me that all the words still be legible. God’s word is infallible and needs to be seen and read. And those are stick on letters. (I guess they do cover up partial words, but you can still read the verses.) The page is a little ripply in this photo. It looks better now that this particular Bible has been closed with the band on.

I did this one more recently using Faber-Castell Gelatos. I did not gesso this page first. Just straight up gelatoed it. The crosses are black watercolor. And though it is hard to tell in this photo – every word is legible.

Nothing fancy here. Just straight up reading the word and making some art. Yes, it is kind of scary putting wet media into your precious Bible. But totally doable with clear gesso. I’ve tried several. The best for me so far has been Dina Wakley’s Clear Gesso. If you are still nervous, try it on one of those blank pages in the very back. Pray over the scripture and ask God to show you what message He has for you. And go where your heart leads. It is pretty amazing!

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22 thoughts on “Some of My Bible Journaling

  1. Beautiful! I hope you will write some more about what you do with clear gesso. I especially like the art you made from the food wrapper.
    Thank you!

    • I think perhaps I will make a video showing how to apply the gesso and keep that page flat 🙂 a never ending struggle with wet media

  2. Beautiful journaling! Tasteful yet spiritual. You just have such a good eye my friend! Luv ya!

    • you’re welcome 🙂 I even do this with some of my art journals and my Getting Sketchy journal

  3. Beautiful! I have just started a bible and look forward to doing more! Have a great week!

    • it is fun, kris. it can always be a little intimidating. my best advice is to just go for it.

    • the microns I tangled with do not show through to the back. you could use a page in the back of your Bible to test various pens on. most ‘tangling’ pens won’t show through. the pages I added watercolor paint to I first covered with a layer of Dina Wakley’s Clear Gesso. let it dry really well first. the gelato page – the rainbow cross page – I didn’t prep the page at all. and the gelato color does not bleed through to the back. if you are concerned, test on a page in the back of the book and clear gesso can totally be your friend

  4. I think your bible is precious!
    What a great idea
    I always get inspiration from you Alice and for that I thank you ??
    Art on sister!

  5. This is so graphic a demonstration of God’s promise to not destroy mankind. The bright rainbow providing the promise as the backdrop to the stark crucifixion. Love the way you tied the washi tape in with the themes of the Books where that was possible.

    • thanks, evy, just kind of letting go and letting God point me in the direction I should go with these pages

    • thanks, betsy, I don’t do enough of this type of journaling. I should do more of this and less of the other

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I bought a Bible for journaling but was afraid to mess it up. You have encouraged and given me some things to try . Have a blessed day!

    • I’m nervous every time I do something in these Bibles. hahaha! if you figure out the secret to not being nervous please let me know what it is <3 other than that - just do it.

  7. Thank you for sharing❤, I’ve thought about doing that but was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to read the words; do you find it hinders reading at all… ?

    • not at all, my journaling Bibles have the 2 inch margins so there is plenty of room to work in and you don’t necessarily need to extend into the wording. when I do, I just make sure the product is transparent and not opaque so I can still read through the color.

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