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Today I’m going to walk you through another technique using the Avery Elle Liquid Watercolors on Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media paper. Thus far the Avery Elle’s have not reacted like any other liquid watercolor I’ve tried. They are truly a world unto themselves, but I like them. A lot.

These Bamboo Mixed Media papers come in a pad of ten and are approximately 3″ x 4″ in size. For this post I used four of them and fell back to my favorite way of making color – one I usually use with inks. I began by spraying the paper with a bit of water, not a load but enough to wet the surface. Then I put in two drops of the aquamarine Avery Elle. And immediately got feathering and movement and I love it! This is the first time these watercolors have done what I hoped they would do.

Feeling encouraged, I dropped in some cherry. And look at those colors go! The cherry and aquamarine even mixed together to make a sort of burgundy color. This is the first time these colors have done that for me as well. And honestly I loved this one so much at this point, I just stopped and set it aside to dry naturally.

With a new card, I again put down water first, then sugar plum and cherry. The sugar plum just kind of sat there, but the cherry did her thing and made beautiful.

I added a little more sugar plum and sprayed another burst of water and got more movement. Sort of.

Then colors started moving and I got lots of coverage without trying. Using my handy dandy purple stick to hold the tile down in the center a few seconds to encourage some movement of color.

And I used the heat tool to blow some of the color away from the middle. Apparently I blew it right off the tile onto my mat. Hahaha! I really love that right side where the sugar plum shows purple, but also shows plum. Awesome!

There was enough wet color still on the tile that I was able to place a clean tile down on top of it and moosh them together. Unfortunately you do not get to see the second tile wet because I forgot to take a photo. Ooops!

Then I took my last Bamboo tile and sprayed some water on it and dropped in some lemon grass, aquamarine, cherry and sugar plum. Crazy, right? I figured what the heck. It was my last tile and I love me some color, so what could go wrong. Right?

Actually nothing went wrong. I blotted up some of the color and set the tile aside to dry. That is it on top of this pile. The photo shows completed tiles from today and some from yesterday. Let me show you how today’s turned out once they were dry.

The first tile that had all that gorgeous teal and pink – yeah, it looks like this when dry. So sad. So disappointed. If I hadn’t seen it wet I would like this.

This is the second one with the cherry and sugar plum. I love this one so much! No idea what I will do with it, but it will involve printemps for certain. Actually I have an idea that will use all these cards I’ve been making, when I have enough of them. And when Robin can hold my hand and help me make what I want to make.

This is the third tile, the one I placed face down on top of the one before. Really awesome!

And the last one with all the color. Notice, just like yesterday, the lemon grass divided down into yellow and very little green/grass. Weird. I got those crazy cell-type sections by tilting the tile while it was wet and letting the color run towards the edge. I think this is my favorite one of the whole pad of ten you’ve seen today and yesterday. Avery Elle Liquid Watercolors do not react like I think they should, but then – what do I know. Hahaha! I do love them for the most part. I just wish sugar plum and lemon grass were better play mates. Hahnemühle’s Bamboo Mixed Media? You should already know that I absolutely love this paper! It has handled everything I’ve thrown at it with glowing, beautiful results. Uh, I think I may need more!!! I’ll hit you up with a link where you can get your very own.

And, I should mention – if you need a tangle place to hang out, come on over to Facebook and check out my group Tangle All Around. We would love to have you join us.

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6 thoughts on “More Avery Elle and Hahnemühle

  1. There’s a guy with a beard in the first one. A cave horse in the second. A billy goat in the third, and a woman fallen asleep in a chair in the fourth. I can’t help it – I just SEE these things.

  2. I rather like the first & last best – still don’t think these inks would get any space in my house though. Funny how the different colours behave, now that plum I really would have expected to split into others……….

  3. Strange, I saw a Billy Goat too? But the red/purple looks like Aquafluer??? The Bamboo paper has been the best so far, as the colors stayed rich. Thanks for sharing.

    • hahaha! this is great! and yes, the bamboo is excellent paper. this little pad is the perfect size for experimenting with color, and then for a quick tangle session.

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