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I am still trying to complete the February classwork in the 2019 Artfully Inspired Life class taught by Joanne Sharpe. The March lessons will be up in a couple days and I still have quite a way to go to finish this month’s project pages. Let me show you what I’m doing.

Joanne had us collect a bunch of ephemera. That’s artsy speak for papers you love. Book pages, maps, magazine photos, tickets, brochures, really anything paper that you think is cool. We used some Daniel Smith Transparent Watercolor Ground and just painted it over our collected papers. It turns those thin pages into something that can be painted on. Cool!

I collected a bunch of different types of paper product, covered them with watercolor ground and left them to dry overnight. Yes, you do see them curling and not cooperating, but once they dried I stacked them all in one pile and left something really heavy on them overnight. It helped. A lot.

I collected various sizes and thicknesses. Some book pages, some scrapbook paper.

And the next day I added Schmincke watercolor over the top of my papers. Pieces I could not have done that with before now worked because of the watercolor ground.

And I have no idea how we are going to use these, so I don’t really know if I need a color scheme or just go for it. Hahahaha! My friend Rachel sent me a bunch of these papers. So happy to have them. Love the sheet music piece.

These pages just arrived yesterday from Rachel. Coloring pages. They will work super. I’ll add color to these later today.

Pieces of scrapbook paper – love the boardwalk piece to the right. I hope we do something cool with these! Otherwise they will end up in my art journal somewhere. Hahahaha!

It just seemed to me that tags would be a good way to go. I had a new set of watercolors called Bianyo that I used for these. Not professional quality, but I do like some of the colors. A lot.

And these are my favorites. The Dylusions Creative Dyary Die Cuts I got at Joggles. I sure hope they will work with whatever Joanne has us doing. I hope to get to it later today or tomorrow. You know, in my spare time. Hahahahahahah!

If you would like to jump in on the class – 2019 Artfully Inspired Life – there is a link just below, along with links to the various products I talked about. Now, back to painting. Have a super day!

2019 Artfully Inspired Life
Dylusions Creative Dyary Die Cuts
Daniel Smith Transparent Watercolor Ground
Bianyo Watercolors

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12 thoughts on “Making Collage Elements

  1. Mmmmm – that elusive ‘spare time’ that seems to vanish as the “to do” list grows. It’ll be interesting to see what you end up doing with these – it’s a bit like tangling isn’t it? Go with the process, one step at a time………. such an analogy for life & trusting God.

    • absolutely. one step, one day, trusting in faith and believing. love you, Evy!

  2. Thank goodness for you I signed up for this class a month late so talk about being behind I pretty much skipped Jan and tried to get caught up here You gave me so many ideas. I did order and receive the Ground but it is still sealed Love to watch and see what you do Elaine

    • thank you, Elaine, I know you will love the class. sometimes it feels a little overwhelming because parts of it are so new to me, just push through that and do what feels right. that’s what I am going to do. look forward to talking with you about it

  3. I’m so excited that you used the assortment of papers I sent you for this project! I think I need to order some watercolor ground?♥️?

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