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A few days back I showed you a big sheet of paper I drew some loosey-goosey flowers on. At that time it had a little yellow smeared on it. Let me show it to you now 🙂 .

I was working on this canvas recently and I really did not like it because the bottom is way too dark. So I set up my new little easel and went to work.

And I sat the whole thing on top of the same clean up sheet I used before. Only this time I turned it around so I was working over the mostly white section. And I drew a whole bunch more flowers since last time. I was using Daler Rowney acrylic inks in fluorescent pink, yellow and orange and just made drip runs of color from top into the bottom. Hoping they would cover up some of the darkness. And then run down through the wood pieces onto the paper below. Because yay! color!

And as the color dripped through the boards I rubbed it across the paper with my hand. Up and down and side to side. I love the color!

That top section is what I did the first time I worked on this. And now you can see the addition. This paper will eventually get cut into quarters and will be pages in a journal. A la Robin Mead. Pretend there is a big red heart here, I can’t get the emoji thingy to work.

I have to show you my favorite sections.

And then the whole piece.

It could probably use more color but I am going to call it done. When I cut it down into pieces I will show you again. These Daler Rowney acrylic inks are permanent color once dry. And the document ink I used with the Eco TWSBI fountain pen is also permanent. This was a nice experiment spreading ink over the black and seeing that it really is permanent. Thank goodness or I would not be a happy camper. Hahahaha!

Here is the canvas once I lightened it up on the bottom. Much better now. Yay!!!! Have a super day!

Daler Rowney Acrylic Ink
Eco TWSBI Fountain Pen
DeAtramentis Document Black Ink
Robin Mead Designs

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2 thoughts on “Clean Up Paper Art

  1. You’ve really got into drawing those flowers & they look really super – yes I can certainly see those pages made into a journal & am intrigued to see what you then do with them. But I know that will be a whole different story (later instalment).

    • I am really enjoying the flowers. they are like tangling, but not really. and you know I love the color <3

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