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Oh, wow! My friend Robin Mead of Robin Mead Designs is making these wonderful chunky junky journals and she sent me one! If you want one, Robin is taking orders to make these according to your needs. I’ll give you a link in a moment, but let me show you mine first.

Talk about beautiful and awesome! Robin makes these by hand, but not only does she do that – she also makes all the art in these books! I love her florals and her bright, lively colors. She made the perfect book for me. They each come with a band to hold it all closed. You are going to need that as you fill your own book with memorabilia and the littles notes and details of your daily life. She also stashes little clips here and there throughout to help hold your notes and photos in place.

Here is one of the inside pages. It is a print of one of Robin’s beautiful paintings. She adds stitching with her sewing machine. She evens adds little tabs and fabric loops and all sorts of goodies – most of them stitched right onto the pages.

Oh my word! So much beautiful! I love this book so much!

Many of the pages are straight from Robin’s stash of painted pages. I can add tangling to these, or photos, or notes, or daily plans, or a calendar, or collage, or add more painting to what Robin has already provided.

And she has all these hidden little surprises throughout the book . Think pockets, flaps, envelopes, fold outs. Yep, this book has it all. I have so many ideas running through my head!

One wonderful surprise for me was Robin’s art prints. This one was stashed inside a hidden pocket. And there are at least three others in the book incorporated into flaps and hidden places.

So, are you curious? This is Robin’s website where you can see her art. And you can even place an order by clicking right here and Robin will make one to order for you. Want to see a complete walk through of mine? Robin said I could make a video to show you, so here it is below, or you can find it here on my YouTube channel.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Robin’s place and order one. Thank you, Robin! I love my chunk junky journal so much!!!

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10 thoughts on “Chunky Junky Journals

  1. What a wonderful journal!! Great review Alice! Thank you for introducing me to the colorful world of Robin! Great flip-through!!

  2. Robin is a dear friend and I love her art!! Thanks for showing us your chunky journal! It’s awesome! So looking forward to getting mine!!

  3. A beautiful review of yours & a lovely gift for you from Robin, I totally understand your delight in her style & remember how much the workshop with her delighted you & Cristine. I cannot imagine the randomness of creativity that enables her to execute such distinctiveness – just as well we’re all made different. I fell down the rabbit hole of Robin’s blog – thanks for the link & hadn’t realised she’d branched out into so many media. It’s those landscapes that I’m particularly drawn to & I loved the one you learnt to do.

    • I’ll have to tell robin you loved her site. is’t it beautiful? I love her work and honestly I don’t know how I will work in this book. I just want to sit and look at it

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