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Can you believe it’s 2019 already? I can’t! This past year has just flown by. So many projects started. So many projects in various stages of completion. Hahahahaha! Here is one thing I did complete:

This was a fun piece of art! And it came as a result of a new book I published in December. That border tangle is called Porter and I designed it for Tangle Starts Planner, Into the Future. It is a combination planner and tangle organization book, with the theme of steampunk. Porter reminds me of metallic almost medallion-like plates that would comprise a wall. And it is so fun to draw! (That center section is another tangle of mine called Cee-a-Mosa.)

Porter changes appearance depending on the way you shade it. You may have noticed I shaded each of these pieces differently. In the first piece, I shaded along the straight lines. In this smaller one, I shaded around each petal. To me it makes it look like two different patterns. I’d love to see what you do with Porter.

Here is a little Porter on a color background. It is mixed with All Boxed Up – Wonky Style and printemps, of course! Hahahaha!

Did you know there is a whole section of tangle patterns here on the web site? At the top of this page you can click on My Patterns and see the ones I’ve added. More coming all the time! Or you can just click here. Both ways work. Once again, I’d like to invite you to join us on Facebook at Tangle All Around. I post a list of prompts each Saturday that includes 7 tangle patterns to work with that week, a new string, and a technique. No pressure to post ever, just lots of encouragement to feel safe doing so. Hope to see you there!

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12 thoughts on “Start the Year with Porter

  1. That’s a lovely balance of patterns above with the curviness of a Cee-a-mosa & the grid of Porter whilst the central dot in the latter echoes that moon shape of the former (still with me??). I love referring to your patterns pages as I’m always trying to identify what it is that you’ve used in a piece of artwork. So pleased you managed to get that Steampunk Planner issued finally. I think it’s one of the really great things with Zentangle: that shading is neither right nor wrong, yet changes the appearance of a tangle…….. certain things are starting to click into place …………m-a-y-b-e, but I still find shading rather hard.

    • it does make it easier, it takes the pressure off of shading. now it is just really tedious. hahahaha! but it makes your work look so much more alive!

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