Have You Sent Me Your Tangles?


Putting out the call one more time before I seriously get down to work on this new book.

So I had a great idea to make one book that contains all my tangle patterns and all of Christine and Sandra’s patterns as well. Then I got the idea to invite my Facebook group Tangle All Around to join in. So now it is mostly their tangles and less mine and I love it! I thought it would be helpful to have a load of patterns in one place – preferable an ebook – so a person could travel and have all these patterns at the touch of a finger. Literally. Most of you already know I product review for Hahnemühle Fine Art, a German paper company. And they are so much more than just paper – but that is the part that I am more familiar with. Art and step outs for this book are going to be drawn on Hahnemühle’s Harmony Hot Pressed Watercolour paper. I usually use card stock, what a difference this is going to make in the photo quality! Yay!!!!! I love Hahnemühle and Carol Boss! She is my friend and contact person and she is the U. S. Marketing Service Manager. She is all kinds of wonderful and awesome!

This photo shows step one of making a book. Every book I make starts out this way.

I took this paper and am cutting most of it down into 2″ squares. Each step for every pattern will have a 2″ square, so that makes for a whole lot of cutting! Some of those larger pieces on the right will be for artwork to show how you can use the patterns in your art.

I literally spent about 6 hours yesterday cutting. Yes, I know you can take the paper to a business to be cut but you can’t do that anywhere near where I live. It would require 4 hours in the car and I know that I can be more precise by hand cutting each piece with my trusty little paper trimmer.

I am hoping to include 3-400 tangle patterns in this book. Primarily from my group Tangle All Around. Each pattern will have its own envelope with all the step out squares and artwork inside each. It is going to take awhile to draw all those.

I am getting a really great response from my members with patterns they have designed themselves. If you haven’t sent me your patterns yet – it is not too late! It pretty much won’t be too late right up to the day I submit the book. Email them to me at kenoly2000@ hotmail.com If you can remember, put new tangle submission in the subject line. That will help me recognize your mail. And if you don’t have a tangle pattern that you have designed yourself, it isn’t too late. What are you waiting for? Grab your sketchbook and get busy. Hahahaha! Seriously. Do it because I’d love to include you.

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6 thoughts on “Have You Sent Me Your Tangles?

  1. The organiser in me finds this post profoundly satisfying! Good luck with drawing all those step-outs. Your dedication is admirable!

    • yes, it is going to take me awhile. but it will be fun. can’t wait to get this book out there

  2. Hi Alice. I’ve created my first pattern a while ago and it was added to pattern-collections.com can I also add to your exciting project? I am working on another pattern but it’s taking time.
    Thanks Lisa

    • yes, you certainly can, I would love for you to email it to me at kenoly2000@hotmail.com and check with me when you get the other one done. if the book isn’t ready at that time – I will add it also

  3. intrigued by the logistics here – wish I lived closer so I could pop over to help with the cutting as I know exactly what you mean with the accuracy of cutting. Mind you, you can keep the cold so maybe I ought to be careful abou what I wish for! First of all i’m Working on getting my pen work back up to scratch………

    • you work on your penwork, I have all the cutting done for now. hahaha! now I’m working on step outs. I have 131 from the group – and that doesn’t count mine, or Christine’s, or Sandra’s. this book is going to be a super reference.

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