An Artfully Inspired January


Hard to believe it but I finished January for the 2019 Artfully Inspired Life! It is an online class developed and taught by Joanne Sharpe. You can see a link to it right here. I haven’t had a lot of success in the past sticking with a class and following through but there is something different about the way Joanne is presenting this one. All the classes for the month were posted at the beginning of January and you have until February to get the work done. And it’s a lifetime class which means you have lifetime access.

I have previously shown you my title page for my journal. That art is not mine, it is Joanne’s class logo she made for us to start our books with. That embedded letter is mine. The next thing we did was prepare a bunch of painted pages using acrylics. Not my favorite but I’m learning my way around them a little bit. Hahaha!

Since this year long class is a paid session, I can not give you all the details about how the pages were made. But Joanne said we could share photos of the work with you, so that is what I will do. Here are my first pages all complete – unless I go back and add more tangles to them during the rest of the month. Which will probably happen.

Table of Contents – my auto correct kept trying to change that to Tangle of Contents. Hahahaha!

Our Manifesto – wording provided for us by Joanne. Next time around I will make up my own wording.

Painting clouds was a new activity for me. Should have been a snowfall page. Hahahaha! But fun!

We used this page of clouds to channel our inner Wizard of Oz and blowing windows with shutters to outline our vision for the year.

What is behind those shuttered windows? Things we want to work on this upcoming year. What we see as our vision for the 2019. And I am totally going to go back and fill some of that blue space with snow flakes. Supposed to get six more inches this afternoon.

The next two page spread shows what we want to have a little less of and what we want to focus a little more on in 2019. Nice feature!

I am going to make a separate post about how I painted this background. Probably tomorrow. For now just appreciate how colorful and pretty it is. Hahaha! And notice the tangles <3

Recognize those circle tiles? Hahaha! From a video I posted a few days ago – using Tombow Brush Pens as watercolor. That is where a couple of these came from and I pulled out a couple from a drawer.

Figured out the placement and attached everything.

And added the wording and a bunch of tangling. So far these two pages are the ones I enjoyed the most. It took me this long to figure out I should use Joanne’s teaching as an outline and add my own twist to the mix. Those two pink floral pieces can be found in your Tangle Starts book as a colorful background page to tangle on.

And that catches you up for the month of January. I will go back to those earlier pages and add tangles in various places. And snowflakes. And I will totally give up on these Posca Paint Pens and figure out another writing tool to use cause these are not my friends.

In case you are interested, here are a couple links to get you involved in this project:

Joanne Sharpe
2019 Artfully Inspired Life
Tangle Starts

14 thoughts on “An Artfully Inspired January

    • hopefully as low key as it is I will be able to stick with it. a year is a long time!

  1. Love the way you’re making this your own – thought of that as I read the bit about making things your signature style: exactly the effect of your tangling on these pages. I’ve thrown away so many white gel pens that I no longer bother with anything but Sakura Gelly Rolls. Scary with the predictive typing wanting to insert tangle instead of of table…….. oh technology ? makes my brain hurt.

    • hahahaha! yep! and yes, it’s hard to beat Sakura. I like the uni-ball Signo pens, too, but Sakura are more reliable overall.

  2. Thank you, this post is, truly, inspiring and encouraging. I will look again at the links you have provided.


  3. Beautifully done! I wish I had the time to do this. As for this season of life I will live through you! Thank You!

    • one day, kris, I’m retired and have all the time in the world. and I fill it up with as much art and tangling as I can <3

  4. Oh Alice – these are luscious!! Incredible colors & composition! I love every single one of them!! ❤️???

    • I can’t take much credit for composition – at this point I’m pretty much sticking to the plan Joanne is laying out for us but I’m starting to understand more so I can start spreading my wings and doing my own thing. I do love the bright colors!

  5. Would love to know what pens you come up with I struggle with the posca pens and my stablio and tombow pens seem to dry far to quickly discouraging because you try to buy a quality item that will last and so many let you down

    • I am going back to my uni-ball signo white gel pen for this class. and the water based Sharpie paint pen. I forgot about it and should have turned to it.

  6. Thanks for sharing these pages! I’m also taking her class. I agree about the Posca pens. Haha
    I’ll finish my pages soon.

    I’m getting back into Zentangling and want to combine them in my journal as well. Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Susan, I’m glad to hear you are doing the class. we can help each other through the rough spots – like those posca paint pens! I still need to make my pen test page

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