Tangle Starts Planner, Into the Future! New Book Now Available!


I have a new planner just out today! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!! This one was a long time coming! Bless your heart, Christine! I’d never make it without you and your willingness to drag me through the technological minefield! Love you! So, let me tell you about this new book.

Just in time for 2019, Tangle Starts Planner, Into the Future includes everything the tangle artist needs to combine their love for tangling with their need to get organized. And we do it all with a steampunk flair! Yay!!! Let me show you!

Awesome title page! Features patterns from Sandra Strait, Christine Reyes and myself. Love the way this turned out! Step by step instructions for each of these tangles is included in the planner.

This will give you an idea of what is included. I always include beginning tanglers in the material, so if you do not already tangle – you will be able to once you’ve read through the first several pages. And if you are an advanced tangler, there is plenty here to keep you enthused!

Did I mention steampunk? Yay!!! I’ve been wanting to put together a steampunk planner for awhile now and my friends Sandra and Christine were so wonderful to allow me to incorporate their tangles as well!

There are 100 tangle patterns with step by step drawing instructions. Yes, they are geared towards steampunk – but if steampunk is not your thing, these patterns work very well with your standard variety of tangling. I’m really excited about the patterns we included! There is even a section of patterns that go together so you can build your very own steampunk steam engine!

I included a quick reference tangle guide so you can easily find the patterns you want to use and locate their instructions. Nothing could be easier! Want to create a reference guide of your favorite go-to tangles? Yep! That’s included, too!

Into the Future includes monthly and weekly pages for an entire year. They are blank right now so you can set them up and design them the way that works best for you! I’ve included calendars through 2021 for long range planning. Lots of motivational and inspiring quotes are sprinkled throughout. I believe this is the perfect go-to organizer for the tangle artist in the upcoming year. There are lots of pages you can tangle on, creating a tangle journal of your art! I’ve already ordered my copy! I hope this book is something that will work well for you. Here is a link to the Tangle Starts Planner, Into the Future steampunk planner on Amazon. Thank you for your support of my art! I appreciate you so much!

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18 thoughts on “Tangle Starts Planner, Into the Future! New Book Now Available!

  1. I think this is the perfect time to learn the steampunk tangles. I must order this book! Thanks tons.

    • thanks, betsy, this was a hard one to get published. learning a whole new publisher but we finally got there

  2. Can pick up the basics of steampunk here? I’m fascinated by the thought, and suspect it would be a good way to expand my teaching. . . are we ok to teach what we learn (not exact lessons, of course, but our own twist on the concept).

    • yes, you can get the basics here. I noted in the front that CZTs could use any of the patterns to teach – just not to distribute copies.

  3. Congratulations – I’ve checked & it’s already up on the UK Amazon site so readily available here which is great as there’s often a considerable time delay between the UK having titles for sale that are originally published in the US.

  4. Congratulations on your new book!
    I just ordered Tangle Starts Treasures in hopes it will help me get better and organize!
    Hopefully I can get to the planners one day!

    • there is no hurry, they will be there when you are ready. I’m just glad to see you excited about tangling 🙂

  5. I read this post, went to Amazon, and purchased your book in less than 5 minutes! Love steampunk and cannot wait to learn all these new tangles! Thank you.

    • oh thank you so much! I hope you love the book! steampunk is one of my favorites – that and dragons! thank you for supporting my art – I really appreciate it <3

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