A Tangled Garden in Winter


We sit here in Maine watching it snow outside the window. Supposed to snow all day today, then tonight start raining. That is going to be quite the mess! Snow and rain should never be talked about in the same paragraph. Ever. 

Of course, I am writing and scheduling this post on Sunday, which will be a couple days before this actually goes live. Trying to stay a step or two ahead of the game. And it is snowing, then raining – today!

To update you a bit on the confirmation emails and post notification problems, apparently we got so many people susbscribing all at once the email service thought we were a spammer and put us on hold. I am working with them today trying to figure out how to fix this. I do love my beautiful new site, but I am getting really frustrated and starting to be a little bit sorry that I took this road. I will try to remind myself – as I remind you – to be patient. That hopefully this will pass and things will get back to normal. Fingers crossed and praying. A lot! 

But I digress. Garden scenes. Don’t they look better when there is a couple feet of snow on the ground? I don’t even remember when I drew this one. I came across it on the computer yesterday and don’t even know if I ever posted it. So here it is anyway. A whole bunch of lovely, free-flowing garden.  Where you can still see the flowers. (Although I seriously do love, love, love the snow!)

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18 thoughts on “A Tangled Garden in Winter

    • thanks, pat, I think the issues with the subscribers and emails may finally be worked out. keeping my fingers crossed and praying it is so <3

    • thanks, Shannon, I was so happy to see your name pop up in the subscriber wall. and if I am not mistaken – one of your beautiful girls, too 🙂

  1. Beautiful garden – I bet you are itching to add color! I love your new site – hang in there, it’s so worth it!!

    • thanks, Chris, it has been a struggle but things seem to be working now, so I am happy 🙂

  2. It really does look like a winter garden – the black, white & grey has a super effect like that. It would be fun seeing it in Spring, Summer & Autumn – but I’m NOT suggesting you provide those samples – you’ve got enough that you’re doing. My eye keeps being drawn to that urchin looking pile bottom right. Here we have wet, wet, wet & then some more WET.

    • and here we have snow snow and more snow – which is why the garden scene 🙂 so much fun!

  3. Love to look at your garden tangle…. my mind is now rushing to do tangle again.. can’t wait to see more from yoy

  4. This is gorgeous! Wish I could handle something like this. Wouldn’t know where to start!

    • it took me awhile to get brave enough. you just start. I usually start with a little patch of Printemps and just keep building and before you know it the whole page is full. honest <3

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