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Welcome! You have found your way here and I want you to keep coming back – time after time after time! 

Why? Because I have a lot to share with you and I don’t want you to miss a thing. 

What do I have to share? Lots of awesome things like tutorials, how-to videos, new product reviews, color techniques, mixed media projects, tangling tips, techniques  and patterns, all the latest on my Artangleology book series and Giveaways!

But first, did someone say books? Yep! I did! I started the Artangleology Series at the end of 2017. To date there are four books and I have plans for at least four more! And I want you to know about them first! You can get the information delivered straight into your inbox by subscribing at the bottom of this post. (You can see the current books under the Publications tab.)

Giveaways? Yep! I mentioned those, too! If you are a member of my Facebook group Tangle All Around you already know I love to give art supplies away! Of course I get a lot of help from the companies I represent. Like Zebra Pen, Leda Art Supply and Hahnemühle Fine Art. I do product reviews for them. They love and encourage my art and I get to share that love with you. So, check back often for information on giveaways. I AND important note here *** you MUST be a subscriber to enter ***.   That goes for all my giveaways on this site.

Thank you for being here. I want you to value my art knowledge and willingness to help you in your journey. To get started, subscribe right below. 

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18 thoughts on “Straight To Your Inbox

    • thank you so much! it should go live later today, thanks for letting me know it all works <3

  1. Looks good – shall continue to explore. Love the banner & your signature Artangleology name for the art.

    • thank you, I appreciate you checking the new site out. I appreciate any input you can provide <3

  2. I subscribed. Can’t wait to check things out more when I am on the computer and not my phone. The Facebook group is awesome and expect the same from your new website. Thanks Alice.

  3. I’m so excited for you Alice and so happy about your web page …
    I’m hoping I’m a subscriber ?

    • You will be as soon as we can figure out what is wrong with confirmation emails. Glad you’re here ❤️

  4. Hello, Alice! Love your blog and I’m excited to make art with you on Creative Crafty Friends where I won your fabulous book. Can’t wait to see your 30 days of ATCs.

    • yes, we have had so much trouble with the subscription service due to COVID. I even changed services but neither is working now. hopefully we will be able to figure something out soon.

  5. I am delighted in discovering your web site and am looking forward receiving more information.

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