Procreate Meets Hahnemühle Harmony #hahnemuhle


I have been playing with the Procreate App  on my ipad at nighttime while we Netflix. ‘While we Netflix.’ Heheheh. Like it’s a verb!   I took this background I had saved online and uploaded it into the app to tangle on. To make the background I used Daler Rowney  Acrylic Artists Inks and water on a sheet of … Continue Reading

Diva Challenge #365 She’s Back!


Do you follow Laura Harms at I Am the Diva – CZT? Each week for the past 7 years – yes, I said 7 years – Laura has given the tangling world a challenge. Something specific to tangle up – something to stretch us and help us learn new techniques. Laura took the summer off –… Continue Reading

Mixing Hahnemühle With the Procreate App #hahnemühle


 This is an awesome background I made using Dylusions Shimmer Sprays on a sheet of Bamboo Mixed Media paper from  Hahnemühle.  I used loads of water, blotted and mopped up, then added more water and shimmer spray. I also used a heat gun to make the heat rings. Lots of working on this sheet of paper with tools… Continue Reading

Sunset Over the Harbor #hahnemühle


I have had the most fun over the weekend working on this piece I am calling Sunset Over the Harbor. Let me walk you through it.  I used a block of Hahnemühle Expression Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper to create this piece on.  It began with a large sheet of Canson Watercolor paper and I  just rolled out… Continue Reading

Playing With Acrylics in my Hahnemühle Books #hahnemühle


  Part of a morning warmup. I used Bristol Smooth paper from Strathmore and swirled on some cabbage roses.  All the pieces in this post were made with  Dina Wakley Acrylic Paints.  Added in some leaves and tendrils. Probably not finished, I will most likely come back and add more elements to all these pieces.  Another piece on… Continue Reading

Hahnemühle and Procreate


 I am really having trouble getting motivated to tangle. Zentangle. Meh.  A lot of the zen has disappeared. So I have been playing with the Procreate App on my iPad.  You know. Until the ‘zen’ makes a reappearance. Above is Cherryl Moote’s new tangle called Hexonu. It is addictive and really easy to draw.  One block… Continue Reading