Reorganizing My Studio

Reorganizing once again because I can’t find something.
It is hard to find certain things because I keep
thinking about where they were in Florida. 
Every inch of this room is utilized for storage.
And it does get a bit out of control from time to time. 
Recently, I have had several people ask about 
my studio, so I thought I’d show you some photos.
The above shot was taken from the doorway. 
No, I did not paint the pictures over the TV.
They are the art of Jasmine Becket Griffith.
I got them at Disney Springs.
Of course Tinker Bell is my favorite!
Mostly I use the TV to listen to the radio.
Those white cabinets came from IKEA.
Of course.
The boxes on the shelves are filled with various paints and inks.  
I am working on a system to get them out in the open where I can actually see what I have. 
The white enclosed cabinet is the shipping station for my store. 
That next chest with the colored drawers came from
Hobby Lobby. They still carry this cabinet. 
That’s just part of my lunchbox collection up top.
Down the right-hand side is where I actually work.
The two tall black cabinets came from Hobby Lobby
and the rolling carts full of ink sprays are
from IKEA. 
I have carpet on half the floor.
That way if I have a mishap with color –
it doesn’t get on the hard wood floors.
Wow! I’m just noticing how cluttered things were
in these photos. It looks better now. Honest.
 My store is located in the closet. All the shelves are full. 
In both directions – left and right and out of sight. 
I have been pulling things out in order to downsize. 
I’d really like to get out of the shipping part of the store and go all digital.
I have a rack coming that will hang on the inside of the closet door. 
I am going to put as much of my color as will fit 
on the shelves so I can actually see and 
grab without having to move a lot of things.
Some more of my lunchboxes, Funko Pop figures
and my Zen the Zebra from Zebra Pen where
I am an Artist Ambassador. 
 I’ve put together and published three books
from that desktop, using that computer
and all these supplies.
Tangle Starts has all full color pages – 
similar to what you see on the cover –
ready for you to just add your line work to.
Or use as an art journal or for collage work.
 Tangle Starts Planner is set up in the style
of a bullet journal with heavy focus on the
tangler and tangling art.
It has 106 new tangle patterns and plenty
of places to store your favorite patterns and
for you to draw and tangle away the days.
Tangle Starts Strings is my most recent book.
There are 378 pre-drawn strings so all you have
to do is add the drawing.
That hard first step of setting up your string
has already been done for you.
I am currently working in stages on four more
books for the tangle artist.
They will round out my Artangleology Series
More info on those later.
This concludes my studio tour.
I hope you enjoyed it.
And I promise, 
it is cleaner and more picked up now. 

10 thoughts on “Reorganizing My Studio

  1. I love your studio and it is wonderful to have your own space. But I laugh because it never ends, (the organizing) when you have a lot of stuff, right? As for your watercolors, "use them"! I have never seen those before but you have 74 colors to play with! As colorful as you are, I am counting the minutes before you break into them ;):) Thanks for sharing.

    • haha! for sure! I have 3 small zebras they sent me, too. scattered about the room but they don't seem to be visible in any of these photos.

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