Draw a Grevy’s Zebra #zebrapen


Most of you already know I am an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen. A couple weeks ago, Zebra asked me to develop a tutorial for drawing a Grevy’s Zebra.  Their mascot Zen is a Grevy’s zebra,  an endangered animal. This is the drawing I made. Zebra is featuring the tutorial on their blog and in their… Continue Reading

Days 69 – 71 of The 100 Day Project


 The 100 Day Project has been a challenge. An enjoyable challenge and one to be proud of – but a challenge all the same.  Above is day #69 completed in my  Tangle Starts Strings book. Tangles from top to bottom: florz, printemps, black tie.   Day #70 was also completed in the Tangles Starts Strings book.  Tangles… Continue Reading

Days 67 and 68 and a Luna #hahnemühle


 I had some fun the last couple days playing with Schmincke watercolors and  Bamboo Mixed Media paper from Hahnemühle. This particular pad of Bamboo is 3.1″ x 4.1″ –  small enough to play with and get a feel for the paper,  and large enough to actually accomplish something.  Above is Day 67 of The 100 Day Project.  Some days color… Continue Reading

Day 65 and 66 #hahnemühle


 Yesterday I blogged about the colors I used to make this piece of art.  I used Schmincke and Da Vinci watercolors.  Schmincke has for a long time been my favorite brand.  Da Vinci is pretty amazing, too! Here is the piece I showed you yesterday. I literally sat down with a water brush full of water, some… Continue Reading

Day 64 #hahnemühle


For day #64 of The 100 Day Project I got to play with some new toys. I started with a spiral pad of Bamboo Mixed Media paper from Hahnemühle. I purchased mine from Amazon. My friend Jennifer McLean recently had the  honor of choosing the colors for  Wet Paint’s new Schmincke’s custom palette.  Jennifer was able to… Continue Reading

Days 44 – 55 of The 100 Day Project #ledaartsupply


 Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile. My daughter came for a visit and stayed for a week. We had a great time. And then she flew back home. Here is a picture of us  together. Isn’t she beautiful? So that top photo was created in my Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook. I am trying to do most of… Continue Reading