Review of Tangle Starts Strings

front cover of my new book Tangle Starts Strings, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 Thank you to everyone who has already 
purchased a copy of my new book
We are sitting at #2 (still) on the 
hot new release list and it’s amazing!
UPDATE: as of last night we are 
#1 on the hot new book release list!
back cover of my new book Tangle Starts Strings, Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
Here is the back of the book with a brief
explanation of what the book includes.
My dear friend Geneviève Crabe just reviewed
the book on her website.
You can read her review by clicking here
Thank you so much, Geneviève!
And you can read more about
Tangle Starts Strings by clicking here
Want to grab a copy of your own?
It is also available on Kindle. 
I hope you have a great day today!
My daughter flew in last night so we will be
spending a few days with her.
Talk soon. 

2 thoughts on “Review of Tangle Starts Strings

  1. This is going to be such a resource & I love the fact that you decided to take strings as the theme – the idea of sorting them into categories (as I mentioned) is not something I've come across before & is such an interesting concept. I agree that it really was worth upgrading it to the colour printing option in order to get it printed on better quality paper.

    • It really is nice working on the better paper. Such a difference. Thank you for hanging in there with the comments. We may have it figured out.

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