Working in My Tangle Starts with Zebra Product #zebrapen

under the sea tangle in my Tangle Starts book from Alice Hendon, available on
I love tangling in my book
I put together a whole bunch of my full
color backgrounds and Christine helped
me make it into a book. 
(She is my technical super ninja friend!)
I tangled up a page yesterday using my
from Zebra Pen.
(I am an Artist Ambassador for them.)
These pens work so great in this book!
Solid fills, no bleed, no feathering, no skips.
Just awesome lines!
cover of my book Tangle Starts - colorful backgrounds to tangle on by Alice Hendon, available at
In the book you get full color pages – all the way
to the edges of the page and down into the ditch.
That’s book talk for that center seam.
Bright, beautiful, wonderful true-to-my-artwork color. 
I love to just sit and look at the pages.
You know how I am with color!
Want to see some of the pages?
Click here
Should you be interested in a copy,
it is available here on Amazon!
And I hope to make a Volume 2 down the road!
Interested in my second book,
Want to see some of the inside?
Click here.
It is available here on Amazon!
Tangles I used:
printemps, ringz, coral, gellin’,
Indy-rella, conk and peso. 

4 thoughts on “Working in My Tangle Starts with Zebra Product #zebrapen

  1. Love my Tangle Starts book! It jumpstarts my creativity! Still scheming on my Tangle Starts Planner! Working out the kinks in my life and then I have an idea for it!!

    • do you know, I almost always start tangling with printemps. I guess it gets my head in the right place for tangling. šŸ™‚

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