Catching Up on the Project #ledaartsupply

day 17 of The 100 Day Project from Alice Hendon, The Creator's Leaf
 Still keeping up with
I’m just a little behind on blog posts.
So I’m catching up ­čÖé .
Above is Day 17.
Most of the project I am doing in my
Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook,
but this particular piece is done on a sheet of
C├ęzanne Hot Pressed Watercolour paper
It is going to be part of a much larger work.
Tangle is rock ‘n roll Diva Dance
day 18 of The 100 Day Project from Alice Hendon, the creator's leaf
 For Day 18, I was back to my 
These pages are just 3.5 x 5.5 inches.
Small surface, perfect for quick work.
The tangles are punzel and printemps
day 19 of The 100 Day Project from Alice Hendon, the creator's leaf, tutorial to follow in next post
Day 19 was a super fun one!
This is also in my Baby Leda sketchbook,
with the smaller pages. 
Think about 5.5″ tall by 7″ wide.
I was able to pack a whole lot of punch 
into a small amount of room.
The comment in the bubble is in reference
to the challenge as we are doing it in my
Facebook group Zentangle All Around.
We are setting aside 15 minutes a day to tangle.
No, that isn’t a lot of time.
I just had hopes that people who normally
would not tangle each day would commit to
setting aside 15 minutes.
And thus, get back into drawing.
Want to join us?
It is not too late.
Head on over to our group here
and I’ll join you in the door.
Start with today or tomorrow,
don’t worry about the days we have 
already done.
Just have fun. 

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  1. Ooops – lost this comment I think. Sorry if you get two on this post. I'm trying to get caught up with your posts. Rock 'n Roll works beautifully with the background in this & what a super colour red!

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