Watercolored Sunflower #zebrapen

watercolor sunflower with salt #zebrapen
Jump Into January was so much fun!
We came home with some beautiful projects like this 
watercolored sunflower. Tracy Lake taught this class –
based on a class that CZT Sonya Yencer teaches.
Dr. Ph Martin Bombay India inks on palettes
 We started with a pallette of luscious watercolors and a water brush.
Dr Ph Martin watercolor inks
 For color we used one of my favorites –
Dr. Ph Martin Hydrus watercolors.
That is what you see in the pallettes. 
wet watercolor sunflower with salt
 Tracy gave us each a template to set up our sunflower however 
we wanted to. Some people used two flowers, some centered them, some offset them. It was up to us. Then we started filling in the sections with water and beautiful color, then sprinkled on some salt.
Notice we had the Arches paper taped to a thick cardboard. This holds the paper flat while it dries. The blue painter’s tape is easy to remove 
once your project is completely dry.
tangled zentangle watercolor sunflower completed #zebrapen
Then we tangled the sections.
Of course I used my 
Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra. 
I think there is even some Sarasa Fineliner in there.
A white Uniball Signo pen added highlights.
I think Zebra should come out with a white gel type pen. Hmmm. 
Then I could use all Zebra products when I tangle. Happy camper. 

6 thoughts on “Watercolored Sunflower #zebrapen

  1. I can see this was right up your street with all the colour. My favourite part is that centre bit with all your beautifully drawn pairs of Flux. The white accents are very effective – I do agree that a White Zebra would be an ideal addition to their range, after all the Zebra does have white & black stripes!!

  2. Helen love the use of the HYDRUS, may try them as I have gotten to love the watercolor look. Seems like you are really having lots of fun in your workshop!!Thanks for sharing.

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