Tangle Starts Planner, Schmincke, and Zebra! #zebrapen

colorful bright sunflower page I tangled in my Tangle Starts Planner
 This was a fun page that I created in my
Tangle Starts Planner!
I began by coating the page with Dina Wakley’s Clear Gesso, 
just using a sponge. Once it was completely dry, 
I drew the sunflowers and watercolored them using
Schmincke watercolor pans. Love their bright colors!
Tangling the sunflowers was the fun part!
I used my Zebra Technical Drawing Pens
and their Brush Pen for the fills. 
I love the solid black and the smoothness of those pens!
Highlights came from a UniBall Signo Gel Pen.
(I really, really want Zebra to make a white gel pen.)
the cover of my book Tangle Starts Planner available on Amazon.com
I am loving my Tangle Starts Planner!
Learning as I go along. 
The book pages aren’t made for color but I figured out that coating 
the page with clear gesso – or really any color will work – 
makes the page ‘thick’ enough that the wet media does not 
bleed through to the back.
I am ALL ABOUT the color, so it was critical to figure that out! 
If you want to read more about my planner, click here
If you want to purchase a copy, click here.
And – if you want to learn about Zebra Pens (you know you do,)

2 thoughts on “Tangle Starts Planner, Schmincke, and Zebra! #zebrapen

  1. It's fascinating to see your variations on Printemps, the bottom right sunflower centre with the dark-centred Printemps contrasts beautifully with the top left sunflower centre with just light-centred Printemps – those two give the effect of a light sources coming from top left, plus the darker weight at the bottom of the composition grounds it. Fascinating! Ha – I'm repeating myself.

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