Getting Sketchy! And Something New


It’s that time of week again –
Getting Sketchy!
Cracks me up every time I say that name.
Getting Sketchy!
Many of you may not know that I am retired
from law enforcement. For 27 years,
I carried a badge and gun and investigated and
arrested those that needed to be arrested.
No apologies here.
In the police business “sketchy” meant something
wasn’t right, someone was up to something,
someone merited more looking at.
Sketchy wasn’t good.
In Tangle All Around, when we talk about
Getting Sketchy –
I am talking about our art sketchbooks.
What we practiced that week that was new to us,
a pattern we are working on,
something that has eluded us and we are trying
to get right.
That name Getting Sketchy just came to mind
and that’s what I named Saturday.
Getting Sketchy! Saturday.
Well. With that all said, this week I worked on
one sketchbook page and you see it up top.
My favorite was Sandra Strait’s Googly-Eyed Zebra.
So love that tangle!
Why did I only get one page done?
Well. I am working on a new book.
One I am trying to do all alone.
As in ‘by myself’.
(With help from 2 friends when I have a question.)
All the other books I have out,
I did with friends and one of them did all
the actual putting-it-into-a-book stuff.
All the technical stuff.
Now I am learning that skill.
And one thing I learned this week is this:
you can downsize art and do fine.
Upsizing art sucks.
Cause it all looks blurry in a book.
I spent three days remaking art.
120 pieces of art – in the correct 8″ x 10″ size.
But I’m there now and scanning again.
This piece above will be in the new book
which I hope will be on Amazon and ready
for purchase by this time next weekend.
Stay tuned. Hahahaha!
If I am not without brain cells by then,
I hope you will be thrilled with what I have
to offer.
Love you all so much for your encouraging
words and support on a daily basis.
You guys rock!

2 thoughts on “Getting Sketchy! And Something New

  1. Oh my -upscaling is definitely not funny. Hope it's working out now. I chuckle over your zebra & now you've explained the double meaning of 'sketchy' it brings a completely new dimension to Saturdays!!Nicole's 2 patterns look a lot of fun. Hope the week works out OK.

    • Thanks so much. Going well so far. I have now scanned all this art 3 times. My eyes hurt. Haha! Calling it quits for the night.

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