Koala Tools Circular Grid Sketchbook


So I saw this new book on sale at the Dick Blick site,
and thought why not try it out!
The book comes with 60 pages of pre-drawn
circles for mandala art. 
Even though the ad says
60 pages, 120 surfaces –
it really only has 30 sheets. I counted it.
30 sheets of paper
with the circle grids printed on both sides.
30 + 30 = 60
There you go, math geeks!
The Blick ad also stated that when I scanned
my piece of art, the teal lines would “become invisible when scanned.”
So not true.
I am sure I can do that in photoshop if someone would
be so kind as to tell me how.
I tried everything I could think of. 
And although they offer this as a both-sides-of-the-page usable book, 
I would not suggest doing so. 
The places that I filled with solid black –
you can see bits of it on the reverse side of the page.
On the other hand, I really like drawing on this paper,
so smooth and the pens just glide across.
I used a copic multiliner, a bit of Sharpie fine point,
a white gel pen, and regular pencil and tort for
It all worked great. 
The pre-printed circles mean even sections,
and working one or two rings at a time was
super simple. 
The paper is thin, so I am thinking wet media
or markers is not the way to go here.
Be prepared for standard black and white,
with colored pencils getting thrown in.
So, yes, I would recommend this book with the
understanding it really has 30 usable work surfaces
and won’t stand up to wet media.

8 thoughts on “Koala Tools Circular Grid Sketchbook

    • I did. That ring ruler looks pretty cool. I noticed their site says there are 60 sheets. I wonder if I got a bumb book with just 30 sheets.

  1. AliceIN photoshop, try adjusting the hue and saturation settings for cyan and blue – minimum saturation, maximum lightness. It may get rid of those lines on a black and white drawing. I think I'd just use them as a template for anything I really wanted to get involved in and colorize.

    • thanks for the response – actually that was the first thing I tried in photoshop. did not work. oh well, at least I'm having fun

  2. that is such a cool paper and makes making mandalas so much easier. Interesting to learn that scanning doesn't in fact take the turquoise away. Hmmm, I just bought a pencil that's supposed to be like that. Haven't gotten around to trying yet. Hmmm. LOL. Thanks for the review!

  3. Ha – you just reminded me about the Helix circle maker that I was wishing for, checked my Amazon wish list to find it reduced by over 80% ………. making it affordable – much too much temptation so purchased. Now I just need time for tangling………… Loving seeing how you use these grids – great fun by the looks of it.

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