Getting Sketchy

 The past couple weeks have been crazy here.
Bobbie and the Frankles are staying with us.
Bobbie started her new job this past week.
Mark and I are keeping the Frankles while Bobbie
works and trying to keep her entertained.
That leaves very little time for tangling.
I did manage one page for Getting Sketchy
and started a bit of another page for tangling.
In that top photo – I really like Camreap a lot!
 So much potential with that tangle.
Kudos to Mici Soo, Kit Low, and Yean Choo
on the development of this lovely pattern!
The bottom photo – I will continue to work on this piece 
and hopefully finish it eventually.
I have already gotten sidetracked with another
project to be completed in steps. 
But –
that’s the workings of a future post!
Have a great rest of your week.

4 thoughts on “Getting Sketchy

  1. A delightful display & I always love seeing your work with circles – the use of different coloured pens for the tangles is so effective & your creature peering from behind the pillar made me chuckle – the circle to his right just emphasises his eyes beautifully. This will be fun to continue with. Lovely to hear Bobbie & Frankie are with you – I'm catching up with your posts backwards.

    • I don't have time to do much with Frankie here. she requires attention all the time. pretty much except when bobbie is home. I'm still trying to figure out how to get her tuned into doing things without me.

    • Thank you! My sketchbook is where I keep track of my progress. Big learning curve. Thanks for stopping by.

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