Cool Find Yesterday


 Yesterday we were out driving, looking for some waterfalls that we never found. But we did find this awesome thing hanging in a tree. It was about the size of a basketball, head level if we had been walking. I’ve never seen one of these before. The best we could guess is it’s a wasp nest – possibly…. Continue Reading

Beam Me Up, Scotty


Beam me up, Scotty! Hahaha!  That’s totally what this little guy reminded me of.  With his little rocket boosters and smiling face. This colorful background was sent to me from my friend Genevieve Crabe. I just love her work! The tangles you see are mine.  Ringz and nebula.  And the little space guy is one… Continue Reading

What a Cool Project!


I made a tile this week for a really cool project that is happening in Ontario. My friend Brenda Shaver-Shahin is a Certified Zentangle Teacher like me. She  is opening a new shop in Ontario soon and is busily getting it ready. Brenda has asked her CZT family from around  the globe to send her tiles… Continue Reading

Art This Week


 Did you read that post title? Art This Week? Like I had a banner week or something. Hahahahaha! My son was here for the week, we did a lot of 4-wheeling and visiting and eating apparently. I gained 1 1/2 pounds. Not cool Danielle’s cinnamon rolls! You aren’t supposed to fight back. I did get… Continue Reading

This Week In Maine


My son Jason is here to visit for the week. Bobbie and Frankie are already up here, working and waiting to close on the new house. It was nice to be able to show Jason some of our countryside – without snow. Yes, it’s beautiful in winter, but Maine is also gorgeous in the summertime. This… Continue Reading

Collage Art, Step by Step


 This week – over on Facebook – in the group Zentangle All Around the Journal It! prompt was collage art! It took me stealing moments here and there all week, but I finally finished. And I am really happy with it! Let me walk you through how I made this page.  Collage art can mean a lot… Continue Reading

Just a Little Getting Sketchy


 Time for Getting Sketchy again in  Zentangle All Around! It’s a Facebook challenge to show what we worked on this week.  Above is a piece I started some time ago, for the Frankles’ new bedroom. I actually added some color to the letters this week. And ordered a frame for it.  Yeah, this is totally blurry. But there is… Continue Reading

School Supplies – Art on a Shoe String


It is so that time of year again. Time for school supply shopping.  At our house, we home schooled for 12 years. School supply shopping was a never ending venture with so many educational items on the market. Eventually our home school career came to a close and I started looking at school supplies in a whole… Continue Reading

Getting Sketchy


 The past couple weeks have been crazy here. Bobbie and the Frankles are staying with us. Bobbie started her new job this past week. Mark and I are keeping the Frankles while Bobbie works and trying to keep her entertained. Hahahahaha! That leaves very little time for tangling. I did manage one page for Getting… Continue Reading