‘A’ Tangles


Another fun prompt in

Tangle All Around.

Use the first letter of either your

first or last name.

Draw it on your paper.

Then tangle with only patterns that start

with that letter.

This is a piece of paper about 4″ x 6″

that I had pre-colored with some

Color Bloom sprays.

I used the letter A from my first name

and drew it on the paper.

The tangles I used are:

Ahh, aquafleur and avreal from

Zentangle HQ


my own airways and All Boxed Up.

White highlights came from a gel pen.

What a fun idea!

3 thoughts on “‘A’ Tangles

  1. Intriguing how Avreal flows out of All Boxed Up. Your "A" looks as if it is superimposed on the whole piece & Ahh is perfectly placed on those bursts of colour. Your top Aquafleur reminds me of a butterfly – it looks like it's flying in the Airways sun.

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