The Birds Are Coming Back


Mark put new birdseed out about a month ago.
It’s taken this long for the birds to find it.
(These first three photos were shot through
the kitchen window.)

 Actually there were about 8-10 blue jays flying
around the front yard.
 I took a chance and stepped out onto the porch –
hoping they wouldn’t all get scared and fly away.
 The jays put a little distance between
them and me to start with.
 Thankful for my long lens.
When I bought it I had no idea we would be
moving to Maine where wildlife teems in
And you can see – the trees are all bursting
into bloom. Green everywhere.
 And apparently not all the bugs froze to death
over winter. Hahaha! At one time this spot of
ground was buried under about 3 feet of snow.
 Distorted when enlarged,
but you can see the bug more here.
 I guess these Maine insects go down smooth.
I love the crisp colors of the blue jays!
 Before I went outside,
the jays were hopping all around my dragons.
In this photo you can see two in the tree
branches above Maleficent and Prince Charming.

If you look closely,

you can see a total of four dragons here.

Pretty soon, there will be two more joining them.

When all the mud dries up.

2 thoughts on “The Birds Are Coming Back

  1. Tremendous seeing the blue jays – they're so unlike the dusky pink version we have here in Europe. I'm amazed the birds aren't phased by the dragons though, I'd have thought they'd act like scarecrows. Obviously not!

    • Haha! I never saw them near the dragons last year. Not that I remember. And I'd love to see your pink jays.

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