Tangled Letter Art

In my Facebook group –
Tangle All Around –
we are working on letter art this week.
I set up a Pinterest board showing different
types of lettering – some fun, some serious,
some decorative. Just examples – you can
see them here.
I chose this page of letters to work with.
 I knew that I wanted to work in an arc,
so I set up two lines in pencil
and roughly divided the space into the
number of letters I was going to use.
 Next, I sketched out the letters in pencil –
knowing that I would eventually erase the lines.
 Once I was happy with the placement,
I outlined the letters with a sharpie fine liner.
I elongated the top legs of the letter K
and put a spear through the crossbar of the F.
 Happy with that, I erased my pencil lines
and began tangling some of the letters.
 For me, this was the difficult part.
Deciding what patterns to use in the letters.
Where I made mistakes, I just thickened the
lines. Yes, it is supposed to look like that.
Thank you :).
 I wanted the letters to look like they were floating
over the background, so I drew some
ribbon lines and began adding some airways –
that’s the flower looking designs along
the outside.
I used Schmincke watercolors to add some color.
(And I just noticed that I forgot about the arc
and made those ribbon lines straight.
Oh well. The best laid plans of mice and men.
Or some such nonsense.)

Once I had all the color added that I wanted,

I added shading around each letter –

to give the letters that ‘floaty’ look!

Super easy and it didn’t take very long.

My final step will be to frame it and

mail it to a special little Frankie that I know.

What kind of letter art might you work on today?

Feel free to check out that Pinterest board

linked in pink

and see what ideas you might come up with.

2 thoughts on “Tangled Letter Art

  1. This made me smile so much & I love your fronds from Airways – Fescuesque or Mookaesque in character. Actually the straight ribbon lines give a very interesting to the curvature of the letters, it definitely works. I really like the way you've edged the ribbon with blue one side & pink the other. Great fun & I know she'll love this.

    • oh, I hope she does! haha! kids can be strange about that sometimes. she can't play with it. hahaha!

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