Starting Again


It has been some time since I really felt like drawing.

Zentangle is supposed to be relaxing, soothing,

healing, but it just hasn’t worked for me in awhile.

Last night I watched The Voice (cheering on Aliyah Moulden and Chris Blue!), then I started catching up on missed episodes of Marvel: Agents of Shield (poor Fitz!) and this happened.

It just came together.

Didn’t really have to think about it.

And it’s the first time I’ve used ropuz in a drawing.

It’s that crazy ropey looking one that goes

up and down.

It kind of feels like old times.

And I’m so thankful.

(And not a single Printemps anywhere.)

4 thoughts on “Starting Again

  1. Good to hear you're back in the groove, doesn't the desert make you appreciate the oasis of pen & paper even more?? Though I wouldn't choose the desert for anyone. Do take care.

  2. Sounds like you were in that awful slump we all creative people go thru. When this happens to me I switch crafts or just sit and cut out paper things. It's like our mind needs a break. Good to have you back. I really enjoy your posts.Terri, CZT 16

    • Funny you mention cutting up things. I've chopped enough paper to make close to 70 journals. And I broke my paper cutter.

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