The Moose Are Moving Around Again


This morning we were driving in to Houlton

and found this lady standing on a side road.

 She stayed until a big truck came and scared
her away. Mark said we were about 15 yards from her.
I had my window down and used my cell phone.
I need to leave a real camera in the car.
 She didn’t seem concerned with us at all.
The moose haven’t been moving around in the snow.
We were told they couldn’t because the snow
was so deep the moose would break their legs.
Mark says she will gain about 200 pounds –
now that she is out and can find food.
 I wish she wouldn’t drink mud water.
But if she didn’t, we probably wouldn’t
have seen her.
This is the closest we’ve gotten to one here in Maine.
 Moose are really big animals.

And shortly after this the big Sysco truck

came down the road and the moose

took off through that yard and back into the woods.

It was great while it lasted!

I just love living in Maine!

2 thoughts on “The Moose Are Moving Around Again

  1. Looks like she's pretty hungry, probably thirsty too to be drinking the muddy water. I'm amazed they venture out on the roads & are so fearless, unless of course it comes to a big truck!

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