Art on a Shoe String! – Spirography©

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My new word for this artstyle and I’m
putting a © on it! Hahaha!
Actually spirography is a real word that has
to do with breathing measurement and
breathing capacity.
I believe it correlates to the zentangle art form
due to the relaxation and calming effect
your breathing and tangling can give.
Hence, spirography!

Here is where the

Art on a Shoe String

part comes in!

To get started – grab your old spirograph

from the attic, or basement, or eBay,

or the local Good Will, or thrift shop,

or dollar store, or the nearest kid!

Seriously, there are so many places to

find a spirograph for next to no money –

or free!

Then just have fun and go for it!

 I used my regular tangling pen –
an 0.1 micron.
(Some people use colored pens,
colored pencils, gel pens,
anything with a narrow tip.)
For paper, I just used card stock.
Nothing pricey in this art project at all!
Not as easy as I remember it being as a kid.
Or maybe we just kept right on drawing
over those slipped lines and
loved it anyway.
I had the hardest time.
The inner ring that I had my pen in
kept slipping above the top edge of the
boundaries ring.
 I was getting really discouraged at this point.
But I am no quitter. Hahaha!
So I kept trying.

And trying. Ugh.

Actually, ‘ugh’ was the word for the day.

I looked through what I had and found one

red loopy line that wasn’t too bad.

Then I added some tangles.

Nothing too fancy to get started.

In the photo just above,

the red line is the spirograph part.

The black lines are the tangling I added.

You can see that the tangling takes your

eye away from the boo-boos.


 Today I pulled my extras sheets out of the
trashcan, seriously, and tried again.
This one wasn’t too bad.
I lifted my pen too soon and moved the ring.
Then I realized I hadn’t completed the line
but it was too late to figure out how to fix it.
 I’m going to show you step by step
how I tangled this.
I started with some simple perfs (little circles)
around the spiro-ed section,
and made two pencil circles around the whole piece.
A couple simple lines divided this into
more sections.
 Then I started joining the lines together
with triangles. Easy peasy.
 I turned the triangled boxes into a
somewhat version of knightsbridge.
 I thought about leaving the piece at that point,
but it didn’t seem finished.
So, I added another circle around the
outside and a little flying geese.

I liked how the piece looked at that point,

so I called it complete and shaded it.

I love shading –

although I hate to do it.


I will keep working on this art style.

Because it is so much fun!

And so affordable!

Art on a Shoe String comes from the idea

that art doesn’t have to be expensive

to be fun and enjoyable!

I hope this series of posts help you

realize that you can make beautiful

art without it being costly.

One thought on “Art on a Shoe String! – Spirography©

  1. What a perfect marriage Spirograph & tangling proved to be! Thanks for the step by step in the second one: who'd have thought Flying Geese & a Knightsbridge tangleation could look like that in circular format. Your how to reminds me of the way I 'wing it' when creating zendala strings. The first one looks so good with the red Spirograph section contrasting against the tangled sections.

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