Amping Up the Backgrounds


 Yesterday I posted about an Alisa Burke class I’m taking. I showed you various water color wash backgrounds I worked on in the class. Today we take it to the next level with some drawing.   Again – since classes are one way Alisa makes her living, I can not give you the steps we… Continue Reading

I’m Back Finally


 It has been quite some time since I posted last. I started off doing cataract surgeries and my vision was limited while healing took place. Then the day after I had the last surgery, I got a call from Florida that my mom was in the hospital. The day after surgery, Mark and I were in… Continue Reading

Moosestompers, 2017

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 Mark and I have been waiting a long time for Moosestompers Weekend! Three days of fun plans for the family.  When we got up for the day it was 5° outside. And most of the events were scheduled outside. So we layered up good and got ready. Here is proof that I am now an… Continue Reading

A Good Day to Stay Inside

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 This morning was interesting. We woke up in the middle of the night . . . freezing! It was 53° in the house and 5° outside. Our radiant heat went out and the pellet stove wasn’t enough to carry the whole house. When morning came, we called the experts in. After a couple hours –… Continue Reading