Trying Something New


This was something totally new for me.

 I began with a Canson canvas board
which I placed on my non-stick craft sheet.
I gessoed the entire canvas in gold
from The Crafter’s Workshop.
For color I used a little yellow from the
Golden Fluid Acrylic line.
 Mostly I used a paintbrush to add layers
 of various Golden colors.
I used my fingers to blend in some areas.
 Once the background was suitable,
I added some other colors with a brush,
stamps, and I even used some medicine
bottles stamped into an inkpad
to add some texture and design to
the background.

Paint pens added a lot to this design.

My only problem is the white will not dry.

It is a Sharpie paint pen which should dry,

but it’s been two weeks and that white is

still wet to the touch.

Other than that – – – this turned out great!

This week, try to think out of the box.

Try something that is totally different for you.

Be brave and go for it!

You may just be surprised!

Like I was!

6 thoughts on “Trying Something New

  1. Very different, strange about the white not drying…….. 2 weeks is a LONG time. I wondered about using a heat gun but then thought it might all melt into an awful mess, not quite sure how those ingredients will all react with one another if heated.

  2. Are you using the oil-based (pink stripe) or water-based (blue stripe). Over acrylics, water-based is best. Or the Posca pen. I really love your colors!!!

    • Using the water based pen. There are some posca pens in use here but the water based white sharpie. I wish I knew how to get it off without messing the whole thing up. I haven't tried a heat gun yet.

  3. WOW! The colors are fabulous! That's weird about the sharpie. I've not used the white one, but the silver metallic dries pretty quickly even on plastic and doesn't smear. Strange!

    • Strange indeed and very frustrating. The other pens dried quickly. Oh well I'll keep working on it. Haha!

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